Vol.8 No.1
Prof.Michael L.Sherard's Personal History and the Bibliography of His Works   P.i
A Memory of the Late Professor Michael L.Sherard ASAHI Minoru P.iii
Two Types of Guttural Ending in Syllables of the Chinese Language? OZAKI Yujiro P.1 (1)
"A Memory of a Long-gone Era":Initiation and Alienation in Arthur Miller's AMemory of Two Mondays OIKAWA Masahiro P.13 (13)
Pies Plowman and William Blake: AComparative Study Robert MACLEAN P.28 (28)
Evaluating English Composition as a Part of the University Entrance Examination David PEATY P.40 (40)
A Study of Toni Morrison's Jazz KATO Tsunehiko P.48 (48)
The Chechen Confkict and Russian Democracy ARAI Yasusaburo P.76 (76)
Disputes and Dispute Revokution in the People's Republic of Chine(1) TAKAMIZAWA Osamu P.89 (89)
Nationalism and "Nationalization" of Marxism in the Third World: 'Mojahedin-e Khalq-e Iran' and Islamic Revolution in Iran MINAMINO Yasuyoshi P.103 (103)
The Problem of Long-hours Working from the Viewpoints of Management and Culture:What Makes "Salarymen" Run?(1) SAKURAI Junri P.122 (122)
SHIROTA Jun, "Institutional Investors and the London Securities Market", Tokyo, 1995 NISHIMURA Shizuya P.155 (155)
KANZAWA Masanori, "World Economy and Development Finance", Tokyo, 1994 OKUDA Hiroshi P.159 (159)

Vol.8 No.2
On the Study of Independence vs. Dependence Debate on Japanese Capitalism RYU Shokichi P.1 ()
Disputes and Dispute Revokution in the People's Republic of Chine (2) TAKAMIZAWA Osamu P.23 ()
French European Policies During Mitterrand's Presidency (I) SUZUKI Kazuto P.39 ()
U.S.Trade Strategy Toward Japan Under the Clinton Administration:Implications of VIEs (Voluntary Import Expansions) and Numerical Targets NAKATO Sachio P.57 ()
A Mechanism of the "Acceptance" of Long-Hours Working:What makes "Salarymen" Run? (2) SAKURAI Junri P.77 ()
NAKATANI Takeshi:The Economics of Value, Price and Profit MORIOKA Masashi P.102 ()

Vol.8 No.3

American Literature and Black Existance:An Interpretation of Toni Morrison's Playing in the Dark KATO Tsunehiko P.1 ()
Farewell to International Relations (I) KOBAYASHI Makoto P.16 ()
Communication Problems in Criminal Procedure Involving Non-Japanese Speakers MIZUNO Makiko P.29 ()
Disputes and Dispute Revokution in the People's Republic of Chine (3) TAKAMIZAWA Osamu P.44 ()
French European Policies During Mitterand's Presidency (II) SUZUKI Kazuto P.69 ()
Nation, Nationalism, Ethnie:Anthony D. Smith's Approach MINAMINO Yasuyoshi P.89 ()
Personlicher Bericht einer Frau, die die Judenverfolgung uberlebt hat DEUTSHKRON Inge
ubersetzt v.
P.105 ()
Sea Urchin or Sour Cream - Which One Are You? PULUERS Rodger P.113 ()
'Public Pension in Sweden' by Agneta Kruse SHIROTA Jun P.127 ()
MORINO Katsuyoshi "The Contemporary Technological Innovetion and the Machine Tool Industry" SAWAI Minoru P.150 ()
NAKAMURA Masahide "Multinational Enterprises and International Taxation" KAWABATA Yasuyuki P.155 ()

Vol.8 No.4
Professor RYU, Shokichi: A Selected Bibliography and a Short History of His Major Scholary Activities    
The Postwar Development of the Japanese Economy RYU, Shokichi P.1 ()
Trade Relationship and Organization Structure of Sogo-Shosha SHIMADA Katsumi P.13 ()
Characteristics of Financing in Japanese Corporations MATSUMURA Katsuhiko P.36 ()
Some Theoretical Problems on Contradiction Between Competition and Monopoly SUZUKI Ken P.69 ()
Regional Development and Mortgage Revenue Bond in America AKIYAMA Yoshinori P.79 ()
The Disposal of Broken down Financial Institution and Responsibility of the Ministry of Finance HATTORI Yasuhiko P.100 ()
Total Market Value of Land and Fictitious Capital YONEDA Mitsugu P.120 ()
Power Resources Mobilization and Welfare State: Beyond the Power Resources Theory MIYAMOTO Taro p.137 ()
Agricultural Negotiation at the Uruguay Round SHIMIZU Sadatoshi P.165 ()
East Asia's High Economic Growth and Its Sustainability KARASAWA Kei P.179 ()
The Concept of International Currency and the Internationalization of the Yen OKUDA Hiroshi P.187 ()
Japanese Capitalism and Foreign Trade in the Period of the High-Growth Economy ITAKI Masahiko P.205 ()
Sales Forcecasting and Buffer Stock MORIOKA Masashi P.238 ()
Le tour du monde en deux mille Butterfly WASSERMAN Michel P.261 ()
Chinese Education in Sabah, East Malaysia OGI Hirofumi P.291 ()
Disputes and Dispute Revokution in the People's Republic of Chine (4) TAKAMIZAWA Osamu P.307 ()
Farewell to International Relations (2) KOBAYASHI Makoto P.327 ()
European Union Integration and the Public Pension SHIROTA Jun P.342 ()

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