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*Support Courses
•Digital Design
Digital Design I
INABA Mitsuyuki
Digital Design II
Digital Design III
MATSUI Hiroyasu

•Academic Writing
Academic Writing I
Academic Writing II
Ian Robert GIBSON
Academic Writing III
Simon COLE
Academic Writing IV
AMADA Josuke

•Research Management
Research Management I
SATO Tatsuya, UTSUNOMIYA Hiroshi, KAKAI Hisako
Research Management II INABA Mitsuyuki
Research Management III Monte CASSIM, AKAIKE Manabu, KATO Taneo

Support Courses Skill Improvement Courses

Support Courses enable future researchers to develop practical skills such as organizing ideas, writing, editing and making presentations.

The aim of these subjects is to develop the skills outlined below, based on a systematic approach not seen in existing research programs. Students can take these courses during the first three years of graduate school.

Digital Design
Not related to any specific field, Digital Design focuses on the development of editing and presentation skills for using information technology. There are three digital design courses: Knowledge Resource Design, Communication Design and Audiovisual Archive Design.

Academic Writing
Academic Writing aims to build the skills in Japanese and English necessary for disseminating research domestically or internationally through well written papers. There are three steps in the English module:Basic and DevelopmentIandII. There is one Japanese course, Japanese Language Thesis Construction, which supports report preparation and thesis development.

Research Management
Students learn the principles of creative research, organization and idea management in the courses, Basic Research Methods, Knowledge Management Theory and Research Management Case Studies. The courses are based on the concepts of knowledge management for organizing research and draw on experience gained in research institutes in Japan and abroad.

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