Digby, Anne, 198904, British Welfare Policy: Workhouse to Workfare, London: Faber and Faber.

Digby, Anne, 198904, British Welfare Policy: Workhouse to Workfare(Histrorical Handbooks), London: Faber and Faber. 11+157p ISBN-10: 0571146635 [amazon]


List of Tables and Figures

1. Introduction

2. Comparative Perspectives

 Sweden and the USA: Welfare and Workfare
 Predicaments and Responses

3. Victorian and Edwardian Welfare Policies

 The Victorian Poor Law and Workhouse
 Victorian Social Interventions
 The Edwardian Social Service State

4. The Emergence of the Classic Welfare State

 Inter-war Interdeterminism
 The Classis Welfare State

5. Forty Years on from Beveridge

 Social Security after Beveridge
 Health, Housing and Education

6. Over States of Welfare

 Informal Welfare in the Family and Community
 Fiscal and Occupational Welfare

7. Views from the Eighties

 Welfare and the Economy
 Radical Policies
 Popular Attitudes

8. Retrospect and Prospect

Select Bibliography


2. Comparative Perspectives


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