Levitan, Sar A., Garth L. Mangum, Stephen L. Mangum, and Andrew M. Sum, 20030411, Programs in Aid of the Poor, Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 8th edition.

Levitan, Sar A., Garth L. Mangum, Stephen L. Mangum, and Andrew M. Sum, 20030411, Programs in Aid of the Poor, (Johns Hopkins Paperback) (Paperback), Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 8th edition. 10+300p $19.95(PB) ISBN-10: 0801871220 [amazon](inside)



1. Whither Programs in Aid of the Poor?

Defining and Measuring Poverty
 Persons in Poverty / Trends in Family Poverty Rates / Poverty's Gap and Depth / Measurement Problems
Who Are the Poor?
 Child Poverty / Poverty among the Elderly / Poverty Rates of Racial/Ethinic Groups / Immigration and Poverty
Changing Geography of Poverty
Causes of Poverty
 International Comparisons / Income Distribution / Personalized Causes / Family Size / Family Structure / Household Living Relationships / The Working Poor
Durations of Poverty and Exit Rates from Poverty
Trends in Antipoverty Policy
Programs in Aid of the Poor
Scale of Antipoverty Efforts
Impact of Antipoverty Efforts
Whither Antipoverty Policy?

2. Cash Support Programs

Social Security Act
 OASDI / Retirement Benefits / Employer-Provided Pensions / Social Security diability Benefits / Unemployment Insurance
Public Assistance
 AFDC/PRWORA / PRWORA Results / Reauthorization / Supplemental Security Income / General Assistance
Veterans' Benefits
 Compensation / Veterans' Pensions
Workers' Compensation
Taxing the Poor
 Earned Income Tax Credit / Other Taxation Developments
The Role of Cash Support Programs

3. Provision of Services and Goods

Health Services
 Medicare / Medicaid / The Special Case of Children / Veterans / native Americans / Community, Maternal, and Child Health / Shelter / Subsidized Rental Housing / Native American Housing / Public Housing / Section 8 Rental Housing / Home Ownership / Homelessness / Household Energy
Food for the Poor
 Food Stamps / Nutrition Programs
Social Services
Sustaining Community Action

4. Programs for the Next Generation

Unwed Births and Family Size
Child Welfare Services
Child Care
Child Support
Where from Here with Children and Youth?

5. Educating the Poor

Education as the Enemy of Poverty
Federal Education Policy as an Antipoverty Weapon
Bush Administration Intentions
Head Start
Elementary and Secondary Education
 ESEA Components / Goals 2000 Educate America Act / The Challenge of Educational Reform
School-to-Work Initiative
Vocational and Technical Education
Special Programs
 Handicapped Children / Native American Education / Limited English Proficiency
Postsecondary Education
 Barrier-Removing Programs / Grants and Loans / Military Veterans / Migrant Education
A Youth Development Movement?
Investing in the Future Labor Force

6. A Second Chance for the Working Poor

Workforce Development Programs
 JTPA Title IIA--Disadvantaged Adults / JTPA Title III Program for Dislocated Adults / JTPA Title IIC Youth / Job Corps / Overall Assessment of JTPA
Requiem for Employment and Training Programs?
A Second Chance for Other Groups
 Employing the Disabled / Employing the Elderly / Native Americans / Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers / Documented and Undocumented Immigrants
Educating Adults
Providing and Finding Jobs
 Public Employment Service/One-Stop Career Centers
Minimum Wages
Economic Development Programs

7. The Future of Antipoverty Programs

Content of the Antipoverty System
Political Response
Components of a Comprehensive Program
 Philosophical Underpinnings / Family-Based Antipoverty Strategy / Preventing Unwanted Births / Substance Abuse / Promoting and Sustaining the Two-Parent Family / Support Systems / Child Well-Being / Health Care / Housing the Poor / Food / Employability Development / Education as the Enemy of Poverty / Second Chance at Workforce Development / Programs for Out-of-School Youth / Access to Jobs / Guaranteeing Employment Opportunities / Income Maintenance / Making Work Pay
What Would It Cost?



・第六版までは、Sar A. Levitanの単著だった。彼は1994年に他界したが本書第八版は、彼の意思を継ぐ筆者たちによってLevitanに捧げられたもの。

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