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A message from the Dean

A New Horizon in Graduate School Education

Graduate school education befitting a new century
Twentieth-century science and technology raised living standards, increased life spans and broadened knowledge of many aspects of our world, from the ultramicroscopic to the cosmic. However, it has also left us with a negative legacy, exemplified by the destruction of the environment, exhaustion of natural resources and the so-called digital divide, etc. The question facing us now is how to build a society that will engender fairer and fuller human relationships, as befitting a new century? How are we to build a culture capable of deep sympathy for and mutual acceptance of differences?
Ritsumeikan University has developed the Graduate School of CoreEthics and Frontier Sciences as a hub of activity in the search for and acquisition of wisdom ? a graduate school with aspirations towards a new era. In seeking solutions to universal problems, CoreEthics students consider the manner of society and culture desired, i.e. the lifestyle, needed to make change.
Each student participates in project research focusing on problems that span fields of thought, delving for answers "on-site" in their respective areas of research in accordance with individually tailored research plans. Students will work in collaboration with researchers and planners on the front lines of activity in determining the means to apply the latest yields of the natural sciences, social sciences, and human sciences.

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