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Equality and Liberty / Equality of Liberty | Economic Conditions of Contemporary Democracy

This theme traces the shifting of the fabricated borderline between the public/private spheres as applied to nation-states. Encompassing problems of distributive justice and economic systems, Publicness explores the possibilities of alternative systems to that of the nation-state.

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* Equality and Liberty / Equality of Liberty

The topic of distributive justice has until very recently been inadequately covered by the fields of political philosophy and economics. Yet this subject is much more complex in that it includes questions of identity, faith and ethnicity. Thus far the liberal-minded students of political philosophy and economics, as well as post-colonial skeptics, have thrived in mutually exclusive habitats; my interest is in developing a forum in which the two may debate and develop together. I welcome people who find themselves constantly reflecting on such fundamental problems.

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GOTO Reiko
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* Economic Conditions of Contemporary Democracy

Welfare policy as a social policy aims to improve the welfare of individuals. However, in application it is limited by across-the-board economic constraints, while itself restricts the individual's values and achievement of goals. The more we try to individualize welfare policy, the greater the fear that such restrictions will intrude into aspects of the personal domain, such as lifestyle and morality. With reference to relatively limited research, including histories of comparative systems and typology, we attempt to reconstruct the welfare state image from the perspective of a normative theory of welfare policy.

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AMADA Josuke
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