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An Integrated Project-based Graduate School -- A proposal for the new century from Ritsumeikan University
Diverse projects interwoven into a new graduate school education - in itself one great project

Project research at Ritsumeikan University's research institutes has already produced prodigious results. Tying such project research to graduate school education is in itself a great project.

The goal of project-based education and research systems is to stimulate and develop new currents in research through individual projects, monthly joint Research Seminars, field research and so on.
Research Seminars are nodes in research networks. They are run primarily by full-time staff, but also with the participation of leading researchers within the university, researchers from other universities and leading private firms, and with input from experts of the theme of research.
During their first and second years, students take part in Project Seminars as junior members, while developing the basic skills needed for research work. The Preliminary Project Seminars undertaken in Years 1 and 2 are closely related to the themes of the Project Seminars and are designed to help students acquire skills in basic research methods. Graduate school staff responsible for the Preliminary Project Seminars aid students to link their topic to one of the four Core Ethics themes. In the second semester of Year 2, Project Seminar leaders focus on the students' Preparatory Doctoral Thesis, which is submitted at the end of the semester prior to taking Project Seminars.
If the Preparatory Doctoral Thesis is deemed satisfactory, graduate students advance from the status of junior-member to joint researcher and assume a central role in the management of research project itself. While taking part in day-to-day activities of research, graduate students will be in a position to present their research results in Project Seminars and symposiums outside the graduate school.

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