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The Graduate School of International Relations offers Comprehensive Support and supervision to all students who enroll in its two year’s Master’s program.

After enrollment, Master’s students are required to choose an advanced seminar. Students are expected to develop their own research topic through regular attendance to the advanced seminar with their academic advisors in two years (minimum period). In addition to the personal supervision provided by each academic advisor, the Graduate School of International Relations organizes an “oral presentation of Thesis Proposal” for all first year students in November (May in the case of students entering in September) where they are required to present their thesis proposal. In the second year, students are required to present their interim report and discuss their progress in thesis writing at “interim oral presentation” held in November (or May). These seminars are great opportunities for students to receive comments and feedback from several professors on their thesis proposals and drafts. It is obligatory for students to write a “M1 Progress Report I” in preparation for their thesis proposal presentations.

Students are also required to write an “M1 Progress Report II” after their thesis proposal presentations, incorporating feedback given at the seminar. M1 Progress Report II should become the basis for final dissertation development.

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