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更新日 2016-04-18 | 作成日 2008-08-08

LEIS Faculty (2016)

English Language Education

  • David Coulson

  • English Language Education Module:
    Applied linguistics, vocabulary acquisition research, TESOL

  • Yuko Shimizu

  • English Language Education Module:
    Measurement and evaluation in language education, materials development for reading comprehension

  • Hideyuki Taura

  • English Language Education Module:
    Psycholinguistics, language acquisition and attrition, English education

  • Yoshimasa Tsukuma

  • English Language Education Module:
    Research on cross-linguistic contrastive phonetics, phonology among English, Japanese and Chinese

  • Emiko Yukawa

  • English Language Education Module:
    Primary school English education, Junior high school English education with a link to that of primary school, teacher training, bilingual education

Japanese Language Education

  • Setsuko Arita

  • Japanese Language Education Module Special Seminar:
    Japanese linguistics, Japanese grammar and its meaning, Japanese language education

  • Yu Hirata

  • Japanese Language Education Module:
    Japanese linguistics, language change, Japanese language education

  • Keiko Kitade

  • Japanese Language Education Module:
    Second language acquisition, development of teachers of second languages, Japanese education

  • Nagiko Lee

  • Japanese Language Education Module:
    Contrastive rhetoric research and contrastive pragmatics, The interface between linguistics and language education

  • Chika Tohyama

  • Japanese Language Education Module Special Seminar
    Second language acquisition (learning of discourse, especially learning of topic structure), Japanese language educatione.

  • Yutaka Ohno

  • Japanese Language Education Module:
    apanese language teaching materials (including the use of computers), Japanese language education, Japanese linguistics

Language Information and Communication