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Core Topics

This section introduces courses available in the English Language Education Program.

Courses in the English Language Education Program

  • English Education I: English Education and Methodology
  • English Education II: English Learning Strategies
  • English Education III: Action Research, Research on Innovations in English Teaching Methodology
  • English Education IV: Applied Linguistics
  • English Education V: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
  • English Education VI: Classroom Research
  • English Education VII: Language Testing and Evaluation Methodology
  • English Education VIII: Brain Science and Bilingualism
  • English Education IX: Early English Education
  • Seminar in English Communication III: Academic Presentation/Discussion (Advanced)
  • Seminar in English Communication IV: Academic Reading/Writing (Advanced)
  • Seminar in Teaching Materials Development
  • Seminar in English Classroom Analysis
  • English Language Teaching Seminar
  • Special Seminars I and II (required for second year students)

Shared Courses

These are a range of courses that can be taken whatever program or course you are enrolled in. They include survey and skills courses, research methods and other introductory courses on research methodology.

  • Seminar in English Communication I, II
  • Basic Skills in Language Information Processing
  • CALL and Multimedia Materials Authoring
  • Research Methods in Language Education and Information Science I, II
  • Introduction to Social Linguistics
  • Introduction to Applied Linguistics
  • Pedagogical Grammar of English
  • Japanese / English Comparative Grammar
  • Polyglossia and Bilingual Education I, II
  • Cross-Cultural Communication I, II
  • Introduction to Japanese Language
  • Introduction to Japanese Language Teaching
  • Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis in Japanese
  • Academic Writing in Japanese
  • Japanese Academic Skills I, II
  • Cognitive Science and Language Education
  • Educational and Cognitive Psychology
  • Selected Topics in Educational Developmental Psychology
  • English Language Teaching