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更新日 2015-06-17 | 作成日 2008-08-08

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and it refers to the professional qualifications for teaching English to non-native speakers of English (ESL/EFL).

TESL/TESOL Certification Program


Here, we introduce the Intensive Graduate TESOL Program at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Australia.

USQ is a renowned distance-education university. In 2000-2001, it was awarded the “Australian University of the Year” for its development as a leading Australian e-University.

This is short-term course held during five weeks in summer, in which students can earn 8 credits. There is a full curriculum which runs from morning till evening. One of the characteristics of the USQ program is its homestay option, where students can stay with a local family for five weeks, and experience another culture and English that is different from what is used in the classroom.

Students can obtain a TESOL qualification through an intensive five-week course starting from the end of July to the end of August. By visiting schools and observing immersion education lessons, students can gain some teaching experience. The topics covered over the five weeks include, research skills, conversation analysis, second language teaching methodology, sociolinguistics and so on. Students can also take part in regular undergraduate and graduate classes. Australia is a multicultural society which has fifty years of history and experience in providing English education for English non-native speakers. We recommend students who want to study TESOL education in such a country to take this course.

Students of the Japanese Language Education program can also take part in this USQ program.