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Ritsumeikan International Affairs vol.4

Trends of Overseas Chinese Business Network in East Asia:
As Mirrored from Overseas Chinese Investment in Mainland China
Rice Breeding:
Accomplishments and Challenges for Future Food Security
KHUSH, Gurdev S.
A Study of the Problem on Asia's Graying Population KATSURA, Ryotaro
East Asian Financial Cooperation and Northeast Asia LEE, Kang-Kook
Competitiveness of Japan:
Opportunities and Issues with Focus on Software Industry
MOMAYA, Kirankumar
HAYASHI, Takabumi
Economic Governance in a Less-Developed Cross-Border Region Extremadura - Alentejo - Centro VALLS, Lluis
Abdurrahman Wahid on Reformulating the Theology of Islamic Democracy to Counter Secularism in Modern Era ROCHMAT, Saefur

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