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Ritsumeikan International Affairs vol.10

 Special Issue: Sino-Japanese Relations on the GMS
        (Greater Mekong Sub-region) Development Plan
Preface NISHIGUCHI Kiyokatsu
Analysis on Obstacles in GMS Economic Cooperation LIAO Shaolian
The East Asian Economies after the Global Economic Crisis and the Course Japan Should Take: Focusing on GMS (Greater Mekong Sub-Region) Development Plan
China's "Look South": China-Myanmar Transport Corridor FAN Hongwei
ASEAN Economic Integration and Cambodia's Industrial Policies NGOV Penghuy
Trends in Development and Issues Related to IP Systems in Three GMS Countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand WATANABE Shuo
Forging Closer Sino-Indonesia Economic Relations and Policy Suggestions WU Chongbo
International Cross Border Economic Regions in East Asia, Greater Tumen Area (GTR) and Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) MATSUNO Shuji

American Broadcasting to Cuba: The Cold War Origins of Radio and TV Marti PROGLER Joseph
Key Determinants of Economic Incentives and Institutional Regimes to Promote Knowledge-based Economy in East Asia DEBNATH Sajit Chandra
Reshaping the East Asian Security Order: US-China Hedging and the EU’s Strategic Choices ATANASSOVA-CORNELIS Elena
GMO Trade in the Context of TRIPS: From the Perspective of an Autopoietic System Analysis KAWAMURA Satoko
Japan's Passive Support for U.S. Wars: Examining the Case for Humanitarian Intervention in Libya and Syria GRAY Gavan

 Research Notes
Profiles of Hawkers Working in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines: Socio-Economic Status, Migration Motivations, and the Sale of Goods YOTSUMOTO Yukio
Sustainability and Firm Performance: A Case Study of Japanese Electronics Companies CORTEZ, Michael Angelo A. and CUDIA, Cynthia P.

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