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立命館国際地域研究 5

Preface SEIKI Hiroharu
Callenges and Oppotunities in International Security William H, Kincade
The Proposal on the Swap between Developing Countries' Debt
and Military Budget theEnvironmental Problems in Global Scale
MUKAI Juichi
The Impact of Disarmament on the U.S. Japan Economies
- Simulation Analysis by Small World LINK Model -
INADA Yoshihisa
Where have all the Leaders Gone?
- Europe,Japan and the United States
in the New Post-hegemonic International Economy
Stephen J. Silvia
Enforcement of International Law in the Post Cold War Era Tom Farer
New Stage of University Exchange Program
as a Frontier of Alternative Approach to Global Development
SEIKI Hiroharu
Program of the International Seminar on Cooperation
for Stability, Security and Developmant:
The Role of Europe, the United States and Japan

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