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立命館国際地域研究 13

Special Issue for the Tenth Anniversary of the Institute of
International Relations and Area Studies, Ritsumeikan University
Food and Resources Issues in the 21st Century Lester Brown
The Eastward NATO Expansion:The Beginning of Cold WarII? Johan Galtung
Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region Articles
Can Japan Lead Asia?
Regional Integration
Kei Karasawa
The Multilateral Free Trade System and Environmental Preservation in the Asian-Pacific Region Kei Karasawa
Regional Economic Integration and Foreign Direct Investiment
in the Asia-Pacific
Kiyohiko Fukushima
Globalization and the Emerging Asia-Pacific Region G. John Ikenberry
Book Review
Contending Perspectives on Emerging Regionalism
in the Asian-Pacific
Makoto Kobayashi

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