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立命館国際地域研究 16

-Globalization and The Asia-Pacific Perspective- 

Seeking a New Framework of Cooperation
in the Asia-Pacific Region
Kei Karasawa

Power Transformation in World Politics:
Beyond the Duality of the Anti-Nuclear Proliferation Regime
Makoto Kobayashi
Remaining Cold War Perceptions in New Crises:
The United States and Japan's Foreign Economic Initiatives
in East Asia
Keiji Nakatsuji
Security Dilemma and International Public Goods
-U.S.-China Relations and Japan's Diplomacy-
Narahiko Toyoshita
The Role of Culture and Identity
in National Economic Crises
Paul A. Kowert
Globalization and Global Issues in East Asia Kei Karasawa
The United States and The Construction
of a New Foreign Policy for Africa
Chris Alden
Polish Transformations 1989-1999
-The Difficult Art of Learning and Forgetting-
Piotr Poszajski
Analysis of Energy Demand and Potential
of CO2 Emission Mitigation
in China in Global System
Weisheng Zhou
The Political Economy of Trade Liberalization in China:
A Vicious Circle in a Two-Level Game
Hisako Shimono

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