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立命館国際地域研究 20

A Theory of International Relations in the Era of Globalization MATSUSHITA Kiyoshi
Cross-Strait Impasse: One Country Two Systems or One Country Three Systems? SHEE Poon Kim
A New Century of the Japan-US Defence Cooperation
for the Far Eastern Security: An Analysis of the New "Guidelines" in the Light of International Law
Boundaries and Feminist Politics OKANO Yayo
The Relations of Chongryon(Chosen-Soren)
with North Korea and the Integration of Koreans in Japan
CHIN Hee-gwan
The Formation of the Korean Community in Japan
and the April 3rd Incident of Cheju Island in Korea
MUN Gyong-Su
International Law for the New Millennium:
Report to the XV Congress of IADL, 16-20 October 2000
International Law Group of the Law Section of the Association of Democratic Scientists in Japan

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