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Field of Specialization: Comparative Politics, Indonesian Politics, Political Change in Southeast Asia, Transnational Organized Crime, Non-traditional Security
Research Theme:

Democratization and Political Violence in Indonesia, Non-Traditional Security Issues in East Asia: Transnational Crime


Field of Specialization: Contemporary Japanese Economy, Contemporary US Economy
Research Theme: Structural reform of the Japanese economy, Analysis of macroeconomic imbalances in the Trans-Pacific region

Field of Specialization: Theory of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
Research Theme: Acceptance of Western Contemporary Thought in the Post-Cultural Revolution and Cultural Study on the Conflicts of Literary Thought
in the pre-Cultural Revolution

Field of Specialization: Development Economics, Asian Economy
Research Theme: Chinese Economy, especially, IT Industry of China

Field of Specialization: ******************
Research Theme: **************************************

Field of Specialization: EU Studies
Research Theme: European Integration
International Organization and Global Governance
UNESCO and Cultural Heritage

Field of Specialization: Asian Law
Research Theme: Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Laws

Field of Specialization: International Management, Asian Management
Research Theme: Managerial Dynamism of Overseas Chinese Companies
through Personal Network

Field of Specialization: International Relations, International Political Economy
Research Theme: Critical International Relations Theory, Theories of International Societies, International Economic Order

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