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Call for Papers
The Institute of International Relations and Area Studies (IIRAS) has carried out many kinds of research projects and subject-oriented co-research studies including "The North-East Asian Union," "Global Governance," "Globalization," "International Cooperation," "Regional Issues," and "Developing Countries," among others. The IIRAS publishes Ritsumeikan International Affairs in English and Ritsumeikan Journal of International Relations and Area Studies in Japanese in order to share its ideas with other universities and research centers overseas as much as possible.

Requirements for Application
1. A faculty member of Ritsumeikan University
2. A member of a project sponsored by the Institute of International Relations and Area Studies
3. A graduate student at Ritsumeikan University
4. Specifically asked by the editor-in-chief to submit a publication

Note: Those who satisfy Eligibility Requirement 4 need not take the committee examination

How to Apply:
Please download the Application and Agreement Form below. Sign your name and submit it to the office of the institute

Note: Papers in our journals are to be released in PDF format on the Ritsumeikan Research Repository and other relevant websites; If you disapprove of it, please let us know in advance.

How to Submit Manuscripts:
Please submit your manuscript both as a data file (e.g., a Microsoft Word) as well as in paper-based form. Completed manuscript may be sent electronically to the address below.

Email: kokuchi (at) st.ritsumei.ac.jp

Ritsumeikan International Affairs - English Journal
Ritsumeikan International Affairs Vol.15
Scheduled for publication in March, 2017

・Deadline for Application Submission:Extended.The detailed deadline will be announced
・Deadline for Manuscript Submission: October 30, 2016

Application Information
Application and
Agreement Form

vol.15 form.pdf

vol.15 form.doc

Language: English

Volume of Manuscripts:
1. Articles: a maximum of 8000 words (including charts and graphs)
2. Research Notes: maximum of 5000 words (including charts and graphs)
3. Book Review: maximum of 2000 words (including charts and graphs)

Note: Approximately 150 word abstract and 5 keywords should be included.

Ritsumeikan Jouranal of International Relations ans Area Studies-Japanese Journal
If you are interested in a Japanese version of our journal, please click here.

*Note: You will go to the Japanese page.

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