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Call for Papers

The Institute of International Relations and Area Studies (IIRAS) has been leading various research projects that aim to explore the nexus between international relations theories and empirical area studies. It has put emphasis on major global issues, including peace-building, regional integration, transnational movement, and global governance, with strong attentions to the Asia-Pacific and European regions. IIRAS publishes its journal, Ritsumeikan International Affairs, in order to disseminate research in our field and share its findings with scholars all over the world. With this Call for Papers, we strongly encourage you to submit your writings for publication.


The following are the requirements for submission:


Requirements for Application
Eligibility:applicants must meet at least one of the following requirements

1.      A faculty member of Ritsumeikan University

2.      A member of a project sponsored by IIRAS

3.      A graduate student at Ritsumeikan University

4.      A person who is requested by IIRAS to submit a manuscript

Format: articles, research notes or book reviews related to international affairs or area studies

Publication: manuscripts approved by the editorial committee will appear in the Journal

Note: those who satisfy eligibility requirement 4 will not need to take the committee examination.

Manuscript Length:

1.      Article: maximum of 8,000 words (including charts, graphs, endnotes and references)

2.      Research Note: maximum of 5,000 words (including charts, graphs, endnotes and references)

3.      Book Review: maximum of 2,000 words (including endnotes and references)


Additional Notes:

1.      We welcome submissions from research projects sponsored by IIRAS.

2.      An abstract of no more than 150 words and five keywords should appear on the first page of each manuscript.

3.      The Journal will be published both in paper and online with PDF format.

4.      Please make sure that manuscripts are proofread and follow editorial guidelines as specified by the Journal prior to submission.

5.      Manuscripts should be submitted with Microsoft Word files.

6.      We do not accept book reviews or translated articles, unless they are solicited by the editorial committee.

Ritsumeikan International Affairs - English Journal
Ritsumeikan International Affairs Vol.16

Application Deadline: November 15,2017

Manuscript Submission Deadline: November 15,2017

Expected Date of Publication: March 31, 2018

Language: English

Application Information
Application and
Agreement Form

vol.16 form.pdf

vol.16 form.doc
Editorial guidelines
Editorial guidelines

Ritsumeikan Jouranal of International Relations and Area Studies-Japanese Journal
Ritsumeikan Jouranal of International Relations and Area Studies vol.46

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017

Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017

Expected Date of Publication: October, 2017

Language: Japanese / English

We accept English manuscripts for Ritsumeikan Journal of International Relations and Area Studies, so-called Japanese one, vol.46.
If you are interested in it, please click here.

*Note: You will go onto the Japanese page.

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