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Research Projects

Research Projects intensively promoted by the IIRAS in 2011
US-Japan-China Politics and Economies Research
Project 日米中経済関係の分析と日米同盟の変容
Chief Researcher Ryoji NAKAGAWA (Faculty of International Relations)

The English School and Post-western IR Theory Research Project
Project Critical Scrutiny of the English School and Post-western IR
Chief Researcher Makoto SATO (Faculty of International Relations)

(2011 New Project) the Cold War History studies
Project the Cold War History: Exploring the Boundaries of the Cold War
Chief Researcher Minoru Masuda (Faculty of International Relations)

(2011 New Project) Peace and Conflict Studies
Project Reflections on and Revitalization of Peace Research:  Trajectories, Agenda, and Prospects of Peace Research Institutes
Chief Researcher Akihiko Kimijima (Faculty of International Relations)

Projects adopted by the JSPS's Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research"KAKENHI"
The GMS (Greater Mekong Subregion) Development Project
Project The GMS (Greater Mekong Subregion) Program to bridge the ASEAN Developmental Divide
Chief Researcher Kiyokatsu NISHIGUCHI (Institute for General Education)

Human Trafficking Research Project
Project 東アジアにおける人身取引と法制度・運用実態の総合的研究
Chief Researcher Shiro OKUBO (Kinugasa Research Organization)

Research supported by a grant for Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration
Japanese Economy (2011 New Project)
Project 東日本大震災後の日本経済の課題と展望―成長から適応へ―
Chief Researcher Nobuaki Takahashi (Faculty of International Relations)

Ongoing Projects
Studies on Developing Countries
Project グローバル・サウスにおけるポスト・ネオリベラリズムに向けた
Chief Researcher Kiyoshi MATSUSHITA (Faculty of International Relations)

North Korean Studies
Project 日米韓の対北朝鮮政策を通じた北東アジアの平和と安定
Chief Researcher Sachio NAKATO (Faculty of International Relations)

Entrepreneurs' Network in Eastern Asia Research
Project The comparative research on Chinese, Korean and Japanese Entrepreneurs' Network in Eastern Asia
Chief Researcher Masaki MORI (Faculty of Business Administration)

EU Studies
Project Interdisciplinary Study on the European Integration and Multi-Level Governance
Chief Researcher Noriko YASUE (Faculty of Policy Science)

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