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New Project 中国企業システム研究会
Project 市場環境適応・市場ガバナンス・企業ガバナンスから見る 中国の「国進民退」現象
Chief Researcher Ryoji NAKAGAWA (Faculty of International Relations)

Gender, Peace and Development
Project ジェンダーの主流化と国際平和安全保障
Chief Researcher Kozue AKIBAYASHI (Faculty of International Relations)

Research Project of Politics and Economies of Japan, Unites States and China
Project New Phase of the Relationships among Japan, United States and China-“Pivot to the Pacific” of United States and “Expansionism” of China-
Chief Researcher Satoru NAKAMOTO (Faculty of Economics)

The English School and Post-western IR Theory Research Project
Project Critical Analysis of the English School and Post-Western IR Theory
Chief Researcher Makoto SATO (Faculty of International Relations)

Trans-civilizational Construction of Modern International System
Project Deconstructing Westphalian Paradigm in International Relations
Chief Researcher Norihisa YAMASHITA (Faculty of International Relations)

Human Trafficking Research Project
Project 東アジアにおける人身取引と法制度・運用実態の総合的研究
Chief Researcher Shiro OKUBO (School of Law)

GMS (Greater Mekong Subregion) Development Studies
Project Japan's Role in Economic Development of Myanmar at Historical Crossroad -International Comparative Studies-
Chief Researcher Kiyokatsu NISHIGUCHI (Faculty of Economics)

EU Studies
Project Interdisciplinary Studiy on the Global Governance and the European Integration
Chief Researcher Noriko YASUE (Faculty of Policy Science)

Studies on Japanese Economy
Project 東日本大震災後の日本経済の課題と展望―成長から適応へ―
Chief Researcher Nobuaki Takahashi (Faculty of International Relations)

Studies on the Global South
Project Associations and Local Governance against Violence in the Global South
Chief Researcher Kiyoshi MATSUSHITA (Faculty of International Relations)

Overseas Chinese Management Research
Project The Research on Overseas Chinese Management in Asian Emerging Countries
Chief Researcher Masaki MORI (Faculty of Business Administration)

Studies on Transnational Migration
Project Making of Transnational Social Spaces in the Pacific Area
Chief Researcher Fuminori MINAMIKAWA (Faculty of International Relations)

Studies on North Korea
Project 北朝鮮問題に関する総合的研究:安保、経済、思想、ジェンダ―
Chief Researcher Sachio NAKATO (Faculty of International Relations)

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