Basic Phrases in English for Your Safe Overseas Trip

Over 14 million Japanese travel overseas these days and they are often careless about unexpected troubles in foreign countries. The followings are the basic phrases in English to indicate mostly "dangers." I hope they will help you in some ways.

English Romaji Japanese
Back off! Sagare! Doke! さがれ! どけ!
Break it up! Yamero! Yose! やめろ! よせ!
Can it! Shizukani shiro! Damare! 静かにしろ!黙れ!
Shut up!
Cut it out! Yamero! Yose! やめろ!よせ!
Cut that out!
Drop it! Otose! Hanase! Yamero! Yose! 落とせ!やめろ!よせ!
Duck! Fusero! Kagame! 伏せろ!かがめ!
Freeze! Ugokuna! Jitto shiteiro! 動くな!じっとしていろ!
You freeze!
Get away! Sagare! Kieusero! さがれ!消え失せろ!
Get back! Sagare! Doke! さがれ!どけ!
Get down! Oriro! Fusero! Kagame! 降りろ!伏せろ!かがめ!
Get down on your knees! Kike! 聞け!
Get lost! Acchi e ike! Kieusero! あっちへ行け!消え失せろ!
Get out of here! Dete ike! Iikagen ni shiro!  出ていけ!いい加減にしろ!
Get ou of the way! Doke! Jamada! どけ!邪魔だ!
Get your hands off! Te o hanase! Sawaruna! 手を離せ!触るな!
Hands off!
Hands in the air! Te o agero! 手を挙げろ!
Get your hands in the air!
Put your hands in the air!
Your hands in the air!
Hands up!
Put your hands up!
Get your hands up!
Hold it! Tomare! Mate! 止まれ!待て!
Pull over!
Let go of me! Hanase! 放せ!
Look out! Abunai! Ki o tsukero! 危ない!気を付けろ!
Move it! Doke! Ike! どけ!行け!
Snap out of it! Shikkari shiro! しっかりしろ!
Stand back! Soko doke! Sagare! そこどけ!さがれ!
Stay down! Fuseteiro! Jitto shiteiro!   伏せていろ!じっとしていろ!
Watch out! Abunai! Ki o tsukero! 危ない!気を付けろ!
You are under arrest! Taiho suru! 逮捕する!
You listen to me! Oreno yukoto o kike! 俺の言うことを聞け! Basic Expressions in English