Occasional Papers titled Language Learning Through Social Computing (No. 16, 1997), edited by Robert Debski, June Gasshin, and Mike Smith, published by ALAA(Applied Linguistics Association of Australia) and The Horwood Language Centre of the University of Melbourne.

Table of Contents

Barson, John. Space, time and form in the project-based foreign language classroom, 1-38.
Debski, Robert. Support of creativity and collocation in the language classroom: A new role for technology, 39-66.
Warschauer, Mark & Lepeintre, Suzzanne. Freire's dream or Foucault's nightmare? Teacher-student relations on an international computer network, 67-90.
Harrison, Richard. Using digital video for listening comprehension, 91-108.
Gruba, Paul. Exploring digital video media, 109-140.
Collombet-Sankey, Noelle. Surfing the net to acquire communicative competence and cultural knowledge, 141-158.
Patrikis, Peter C. The evolution of computer technology in foreign language teaching and learning, 159-178.
Levy, Mike. Project-based learning for language teachers: Reflecting on the process, 179-200.
Debski, Robert. From individualisation to socialisation: An essay on CALL with relections on Sherry Turk's Life on the Screen, 201-220.