ON-CALL(The Australian Journal of Computers and Language Education): 1985-1998

ON-CALL was published three times a year in January, May and September. The journal was originally funded in 1985 by the Victorian Coordinating Committee on Computers in schools, but it is now self-sufficient, and is published by University of Queensland. ON-CALL has published articles covering a wide range of issues that involve technology, especially computers, and language education with relevance to teachers and researchers in all educational sectors.

Vol. 12, No. 3, September 1998
Gray, Robert & Stockwell, Glenn. "Using computer-mediated communication for language
and culture acquisition" 2-9.
Son, Jeong-Bae. "Reading and dragging: The development and use of courseware" 10-19.
Turner, Jane. "A walk on the ICE" 20-24.
Dudfield, Angela. "Cyberliteracies: Implications for education" 25-34.
Harrell, William L. "Adaptive computing technology and the disabled" 35-41.
Goodfellow, Robin et al. "Report on the WorldCALL 98 Conference" 42-58.
Vol. 12, No. 2, May 1998
Ganderton, Roger. "New strategies for a new medium?: Observing L2 reading on the World
Wide Web" 2-9.
Turnbull, Jill & Burston, Jack. "Towards independence concordance work for students:
Lessons from a case study" 10-21.
Browne, Barbara & Kinnealy, Dianne. "Bridging the information technology gap for
non-English speaking students" 22-25.
McCarthy, Brian. "CALL design: a grammar lesson for the student and a lesson in applied
linguistics for the designer" 26-37.
Vol. 12, No. 1, January 1998
McMeniman, Marilyn & Evans, Robyn. "CALL through the eyes of teachers and learners
of Asian languages: Panacea or business as usual?" 2-9.
Singhal, Meena. "Computer Mediated Communication: Technology for enhancing foreign
language/culture education." 10-15.
Sussex, Ronald. "The social dimention of CALL." 16-19.
Felix, Uschi. "Towards meaningful interaction in multimedia programs for language
teaching." 20-29.
Brazaitis, Kristina. "Multifocal German Program for beginners: Progress report." 30-40.

Vol. 11, No. 3, September 1997
Hatasa, Kazumi & Hatasa, Yukiko. "A vocabulary/Kanji/conjugation exercise in Japanese:
The development and evaluation of VKC/J 2.0." 2-15.
Harrison, Michael & Park, Soomin. "A link-based approach to lexical CALL." 16-30.
Chapman, David. "A comparison of oral and email discouse in Japanese as a second
language." 31-39.
Sasaki, Yoshinari. "Software review: Word Bingo and Word Bingo Player." 40-45.
Vol. 11, No. 2, May 1997
Lian, Andrew & Lian, Anita. "The secret of the Shao-Lin monk: Contribution to an:
intellectual framework for language learning." 2-18.
Cabot, Carmen & Brew, Peter. "The application of HyperCard in Spanish foreign language:
Experiences designing humanistic courseware." 19-26.
Debski, Robert. "Beyond the screen: Simulating technology-mediated language learning."
Corbel, Chris. "The promise and perils of online literacy." 34-38.
Levy, Mike. "Reading and writing linear and nonlinear texts: A comparison of technologies."
Heap, David. "Computer-assisted writing." 46-51.
Wright, David. "The quest for space - CD-ROM and capacity constraints." 52-57.
Garton, James. "Book review: Computer-Assisted Language Learning." 58-59.
Stockwell, Glenn. "Book review: Virtual Connections." 60-61.
De Fazio, Teresa. "Software review: Issues in English." 62-65.

Vol. 11, No. 1, January 1997
Felix, Uschi. "Integrating multimedia into the curriculum: A case study evaluation."
Chapman, David. "Computer Mediated Communication and Japanese Immersion: Investigating
the potential." 12-18.
Browne, Barbara and Kinnealy, Dianne. "A CALL course: Publishing a homepage on the
Internet." 19-26.
Ganderton, Roger. "Review article: Telematique et Didactique des Langes (Telematics
and language learning and teaching)." 27-32.
De Fazio, Teresa. "Software review: The Interactive Picture Dictionary" 33-36.
Wright, David. "Software review: Concord 1.1 - Wordsmith Tools, a concordancer for
Windows." 37-41.
Browne, Barbara and Kinnealy, Dianne. "Software review: LANSchool." 42-44.
Peterson, Mark. "Software review: The Grammar Rom." 45-46.
Vol. 10, No. 3, September 1996
Harrington, Michael. "Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning." 2-9.
Seedhouse, Paul. "Communicative CALL: Focusing on the interaction produced by CALL
software." 10-17.
Hoven, Debra. Report on the CALICO'96 Conference: May 27-June1, Albuquerque, New Mexico."
Michael Levy. "Book review: The Power of CALL." 23-26.
Wright, David. "Search engine review: Alta Vista - World Wide Web 'spider' and database
'search engine'." 27-30.
Vol. 10, No. 2, May 1996
Van Aachen, Sato. "The efficacy of CALL in Kanji learning." 2-14.
McCarthy, Brian. "Fully integrated CALL: mission accomplished." 15-28.
Somogyi, Emma. "Using the concordancer in vocabulary development for the
Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) course."
Imura, Taeko. "Software review: Power Japanese version 2.0." 36-41.
Corkhill, Alan. "Software review: Mastering German Grammar - a personal
German grammar tutor." 42-43.
Vol. 10, No. 1, January 1996
Sussex, Roland. "Empowering language students through technology." 2-7.
Garton, James. "Interactive concordancing with a special corpus." 8-14.
Hacket, Lachlan. "The Internet and e-mail: useful tools for foreign language
teaching and learning." 15-20.
Coleman, Gayle. "Integrating CALL into the language syllabus." 21-33.
Ros i Sole, Cristina. "Report on the EUROCALL'95 Conference." 34-36.
Vol. 9, No. 3, September 1995
Qiao, Hong Liang. "Navigating in corpus space with the Mini-Concordancer." 2-7.
Pilus, Zahariah. "Teachers' interest in CALL and their level of computer literacy:
Some implications." 8-11.
Felix, Uschi. "Theater Interaktiv: Multimedia integration of language and
literature." 12-16.
Hoven, Debra. "Report on the CALICO'95 Conference." 17-21.
Levy, Michael. "Report on the Exeter CALL Conference." 22-27.
Felix, Uschi & Moriarty, Des. "Software review: Mit Verstand." 28-30.
Nozawa, Kazunori. "On-CALL contributions:1986-1995." 31-36.
Vol. 9, No. 2, May 1995
Kennedy, Claire et al. "Italia oggi: A multimedia window on contemporary Italy." 2-10.
Brock, Mark. "ESL writers' ratings of computer-based text analysis and peerz
feedback." 11-18.
Nicholls, Lee. "Computers as stimulus for talk: The nature of talk generated
by pairs of students using Storyboard." 19-29.
McCarthy, Brian. "Grammar drills: What CALL can and cannot do." 30-41.
Bayliss, Amanda. "CALL materials integration in an academic English program."
Vol. 9, No. 1, September 1994
Farrow, Karen et al. "Computer-assisted writing development for deaf students:
Writing Safari." 2-13.
Wakabayashi, Setsuko & Morishita, Jun-ya. " The implications for different
kinds of HELP in listening comprehension." 14-21.
Garton, James. "Integrating writing tools in a wordprocessor." 22-27.
Nozawa, Kazunori. "Looking for an ideal CALLLS." 28-31.
Qiao, Hong L. "Analysing texts with TACT." 32-41.
White, Peter. "Reviewing CALL software." 42.
White, Peter. "CALL information on the NLLIAdatabase system: how to access it."
Nozawa, Kazunori. "The Proceedings of the National Conference on Computers and
Composition, 1993." 45.
Vol. 8, No. 3, May 1994
Bayliss, Amanda. "How the writing medium affects the planning process." 2-10.
McCarthy, Brian. "Language system, computer constraint and pedagogy." 11-20.
Sussex, Roland. "Tools for computational lexicography: DIMAP-2." 21-25.
Mienczakowski, Jim & Grainger, Peter. "The salary man, office lady:
Japanese language video and role play learning strategies." 26-31.
Golebiowski, Zofia. "An evaluation of CALL in an advanced ESL communication skills
program." 32-34.
Hoven, Debra. "Report on the TESOL'94 conference." 35-38.
Levy, Mike. "Report on the CALICO'94 Conference." 39-49.
Vol. 8, No. 2, January 1994
MaCarthy, Brian. "Choice and constraint in software design." 2-9.
Hoffman, Robert. "The warm network: Electrical mail, ESL learners and the
personal touch." 10-13.
Bowtell, Graham. "In-house mediated conferencing: A teaching forum for
English language and communication skills." 14-19.
Brazaitis, Kristina. "CALL at Leipzig: Report on section 11 of the tenth
international conference of teachers of German." 20-24.
O'Loughlin, Kieran. "Using Exrater in distance assessment." 25-29.
Andrews, Trish. "Videoconferencing: An interactive communication tool for distance
learners." 30-32.
Witton, Nic. "Software review: MicroConcord - presented, reviewed and compared with
the Mini-concordancer." 33-40.
Deeth, Maggie. "Software review: Adam & Eve." 41-42.
Vol. 7, No. 3, May 1993
Lee, Tony. "The CALL potential of Word for Windows." 2-6.
Park, Bill. "Evaluating Authorware: general principles and evaluation criteria." 7-14.
Mathiesen, Ania B. "Electronic communication media and second language learning."
Deeth, Maggie. "Concordancing using a WordPerfect macro." 21-30.
Dolley, David. "Integrating CELL programs into an ELICOS environment." 31-36.
Green, Alison. "Software review: Culturegrams." 37-40.
Garton, James. "Software review: Grammatik 5." 41-43.
Vol. 7, No. 2, January 1993
MaCarthy, Brian. "Developing CALL materials for the foreign language classroom:
@ Ideas and practicalities." 2-9.
Heap, Stephen. "Wordprocessing for EAP students: starting from scratch." 10-16.
Witton, Nic. "Using the Mini-concordancer with languages other than English." 17-18.
Levy, Mike. "Teacher education and CALL: The 'expert user's view' and the
'holistic view.' 19-23.
Corbel, Chris. "The third generation' : An overview of some recent CALL texts." 24-28.
Maxwell, Roland. "Occupational health and safety with talking books." 29-30.
Burston, Jack. "Software review: French Assistant version 4.1." 31-33.
Thompson, June. "A consortium for the development of computer-based
learning materials for modern languages." 34.
Vol. 7, No. 1, September 1992
Farrow, Karen. "Integration of CALL and news media." 2-5.
Chappell, Eric. "Computers and learning oriental characters." 7-10.
Brazaitis, Kristina. "Computer-assisted reinforcement of grammar in an
intensive begginers' German course." 11-16.
Evans, Joan. "Testing the effectiveness of the computer in promoting
communication." 23-28.
Thompson, June. "Educational technology in language learning 2:
November 20-21, 1991 - Report on an expert seminar organized by the CTI
Centre for Modern Languages." 29-37.
Vol. 6, No. 3, May 1992
Kerr, Julienne. "Using concordancing software with ESL learners." 2-13.
Corbel, Chris. "An introduction to computer enhanced language assessment." 14-17.
Hoven, Debra. "Report on the CALICO '92 Outreach Symposium."18-20.
Hoven, Debra. "Report on the 1992 TESOL Convention." 21-23.
Clutterbuck, Michael & Shaw, Neil & Standfield, Graham. "Using interactive book for
learning vocabulary in context." 24-25.
Merrylees, Brent. "A report on the use of CALL in Sydney ELICOS centres." 26-28.
Burston, Jack. "Software review: Transparent Language." 29-32.
Knowles, Sally. "Software review: Grammatik IV." 33-36.
Levy, Mike. "Writing rules with Grammatik IV." 37.
Garton, James. "Book review: Computer Assisted Language Learning and Testing -
Patricia Dunkel, 1991." 38.
Knapp, Martin. "Response to software review of Question Mark." 39.
Vol. 6, No. 2, January 1992
Cunningham, Dennis. "The Macintosh in interactive distance education." 2-8.
Knowles, Sally. "Evaluation of CALL software: a checklist of criteria for
evaluation." 9-20.
de Courcy, Michele. "Learning Mandarin Chinese." 21-26.
Shaw, Neil & Standfield, Graham. "Interactive books for language learning." 27-30.
Evans, Joan."Software review: Question Mark." 30-32.
Garton, Joan. "On-CALL workshop 91." 33-34.
Vol. 6, No. 1, September 1991
Lian, Andrew. "The On-CALL bulletin board system." 2-3.
Garton, Jane E. "Starting CALL." 4-7.
Burston, jack. "Getting started in CALL: a workshop approach." 8-10.
Levy, Mike. "Integrating CALL into a communicative writing course." 11-18.
Kerr, Julienne. "Evaluating of the Cambridge First Certificate examination
software." 19-22.
Burston, Jack. "Software review: Super Cloe (ver. 3.0)" 23-24.
Garton, James. "Book review: Corpus, concordance, collection - John Sinclair, 1991."
White, Peter. "The National Language Institute of Australia database system." 27-29.
Thompson, June. "ReCALL publications and activities." 30-31.
Vol. 5, No.4, May 1991
Lian, Andrew. "What is CALL software?" 2-8.
Garton, James. "Question and answer: concordancing in analysis of classroom
discourse." 9-11.
Levy, Mike. "Report on the 1991 TESOL Conference New York: March 24-28." 12-18.
Hoven, Debra. "Report on the 1991 CALICO Symposium Atlanta, Georgia: April 4-6."
Vol. 5, No.3, February 1991
Garton, James. "A place for CALL in the language curriculum." 2-5.
Kutash, George. "CALL of the distant mountains." 6-7.
Burston, Jack. "Systeme-D; an in-use evaluation." 8-11.
Andrews, Trish. "Instructional design, a communicative language learning
approach and hypertext." 12-14.
Keiser-Stewart, Robert. "CALL - News from Europe." 15-16.
Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes. "Software review: Harrap's CD-ROM multilingual dictionary
database." 17-18.
Vol. 5, No. 2, November 1990
Andrews, Trish. "The development of a prototype of a data management
system for a language learning centre." 2-5.
Clutterbuck, Michael. "On convicing the sceptics." 6-7.
Hoven, Debra. "Maximizing on the facilities of Hypercard for creating maze-type
activities: a pedagogical perspective." 8-9.
Piper, Alison. "Research into using the word processor with learner writers
- part III (reprinted from MUESLI)." 10-16.
Levy, Mike. "Book and software review: concordancing in the classroom and the
Longman mini-concordancer." 17-18.
Johnson, Norman. "Book review: CALL (reprinted from the CAELL journal, 1/2, 1990)"
Vol. 5, No. 1, August 1990
Staddon, Sally. "Interactive video and language learning - the expodisc
Spanish experience." 2-4.
Stevens, Vance. "Text manipulation - what's wrong with it anyway?" 5-10.
Malczwska, Beata. "Report on the IFIP fifth world conference on computers
in education." 11-14.
Piper, Alison. "Research into using the word processor with learner writers
- part II (Reprinted from MUESLI)" 15-18.
Levy, Mike. "Software review: Eclipse." 19.
Boutellier, Victor. "Software description and review: The first 50 phrasal verbs."
"CALL journals listing." 22.
"Birmingham University's English language research journal." 23.
Vol. 4, No. 4, May 1990
Ganly, Tony. "Languages, scripts and microcomputers." 2-6.
Burston, Jack L. "Maximising intelligent use of unintelligent response-handling
devices." 7-12.
Piper, Alison. "Research into using the word processor with learner writers." 13-15.
Levy, Mike. "Word processing: three book reviews. The computer in
composition instruction: a writerÍs tool - William Wresch; Multilingual
word processing - Tony Ganly, Jack Gilding and Peter Green; Working
with computers: computer orientation for foreign students - Michael
Barlow" 16-18.
Vol. 4, No. 3, February 1990
Barrett, John. "An overview of intelligent tutoring systems." 2-12.
Davy, Joy. "The temple of APSHAI." 13-16.
Corbel, Chris. "Exrater: the interactive ASLPR." 17-18.
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Levy, Mike. "Book Review: Exploring Artificial Intelligence on your BBC micro - Tim Hartnell, 1985." 24.
Vol. 4, No. 2, November 1989
Taylor, Liz & Burton, Dave. "Using Storyboard on computers with hard discs." 2-8.
Middleton, Catriona. "Introduction to adventures with computers in the classroom." 9.
Perry, Elaine. "Using Zork with year 7-10 learner assistance students." 10-13.
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services." 14-16.
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Vol. 4, No. 1, September 1989
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CALICO Conference in the USA." 3-12.
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Levy, Mike. "Book review: Computers in linguistics - C. Butler, 1985." 14-15.
"List of CALL journals with subscription details." 15-16.
Atkinson, Sheila. "A barbeque with a difference!" 16.
Vol. 3, No. 3, 1988/89
Higgins, John. Book reviews: Working with computers - Michael Barlow;
Using computers in the language classroom - Christopher Jones and Sue
Fortescue; New developments in computer assisted language learning -
Douglas Hainline." 1-2.
Taylor, Macey. Software review: Dash-It-All." 2-4.
Baltra, Armando. "On learning how to learn." 4-6.
Taylor, Macey. "Quartext." 7-8.
Baltra, Armando. "Mystery house: a public domain adventure game." 8-9.
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Higgins, John. "The coming of the clone." 11-12.
Higgins, John. "Designer Rhubarb." 12-14.
Perez, Laura. "Hometown: a local area study." 14-15.
Phillips, Martin. "Microcomputers and the teaching of literature." 15-26.
Dennett, Susan. "Using a single computer in the classroom." 26-28.
Vol. 3, No. 2, 1988
Wyatt, David. "The Logo syndrome." 1-4.
Mason, Kim et al. "Telecommunication: a students' perspective." 4-7.
Sayers, Dennis & Brown, Kristin. "Bilingual education, second language
learning and telecommunication: a perfect fit." 7-9.
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Johnson, Norman. "Computers and reading." 18-20.
Ryan, Frank. "Developing a reader's workbench." 20-21.
Blake, Anastasia. "Review of Fulltext." 21-24.
Vol. 3, No. 1, Autumn 1988
Willetts, John. "Listening to your computer: Digital sound in CALL." 2.
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Computers in language teaching : analysis, research and reviews
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Vol. 2, No. 3, 1987
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Vol. 2, No. 1, 1987
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