Some Examples of Colloquial Aussie English

choke up (感情が高まり)息がつまる
The boy was terribly choked up over the loss of his beloved dog.

chuck out 捨てる
You don't want to take what I'm going to chuck out.

come by 得る・手に入れる
No one knows how he came by such a large amount of gold.

come into (one's) own 〜の特技を見せる
He comes into his own when the conversation turns to a computer technology.

come good あることが悪い状態から良い状態に変化する
The business got off to a shaky start but it will come good.

cross だます
Watch she does not cross you.

cross (one's) mind 思いつく
It never crossed my mind.

crap くだらぬ考え、馬鹿げたこと
Stop talking craps! = Cut the crap.

daggy 流行に後れている
She looks daggy.

earful 小言
I got an earful from the boss for arriving late for work.

ears flapping 聞くはずべきでないことを聞く
Be careful what you say - the children' s ears are flapping.

easy money 楽に手に入る
I know a scheme that will make some easy money for us.

easy on the ears 聞いて心地よい
I like Baroque music. It is easy on the ears.

easy on the eyes 目の保養になる
She is easy on the eyes.

fill in time 趣味などに時間をかける
Grandmother does tapestry to fill in time.

full of holes 理解しがたい
His argument is full of holes.

half dead 疲れ果てる
I am half dead after all that work.

hang in (there) 逆境に耐えられる
Life is full of difficulties. My advice to you in the hardship is just hang in there.

have a bit of a lie down 短い時間睡眠を取る
You have been working around the clock. You had better have a bit of a lie down.

have a blue 口論する
We had a blue over the course of our children's education.

haven't lived yet 人生を完全に楽しんでいない
If you haven't eaten at that restaurant, you haven't lived yet!

knock on the head 思い出させるもの(人)
She needs a knock on the head now and again because she is a forgetful person.

knock out 収入を得る
He knocks out about 700 dollars a week.

lean on (someone) (誰かに)頼る
He needs someone to lean on after his mother's death.

make good 成功する
He works so hard everyday that he'll eventually make good in his business.

nest-egg 貯蓄
The investiment account is a nice little nest-egg for the future.

not fussed 悩む
I'm not fussed where we eat out tonight.

put (someone) up 人を泊める(短期間)
We can put you up until you find a house to rent.

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