Current English 2002

Class Hour: Thursday, Fourth Period (14:10-15:40)
Place: Computer Lab #1
Period: 2nd Semester

Students continue to develop reading/listening/writing strategies using the authentic Internet resources (on-line English news that enhance understanding of current events) as they write text-responsible reports by choosing their own topics.  Students work through the writing process (e.g., multiple-draft writing, peer review and feedback on the WebCT Bulletin Board System, referring to sources, the use of conferencing, surface-level editing, etc.) to develop responses to authentic materials.  In general, the readings/listening resources for this course are largely descriptive.

There is no prerequisite subject necessary to enroll into this class.

The lecture will be carried out mostly in English while handouts in English are given. Therefore, students should have a fair knowledge and skills of English to accomplish the required reading and writing in addition to a computer literacy in using Rits WebCT to discuss the issues with other classmates. Each student is required to participate in each discussion at least once.


The final grade = Discussion Participations (50%) + Quality of Final Presentation (50%)

[Tentative Schedule]

Week 1 (Oct. 3): Introduction of the Course & WebCT Workshop
Week 2 (Oct. 10): Report #1 & WebCT Discussion #1
Week 3 (Oct. 17): WebCT Discussion #1 (Continued)
Week 4 (Oct. 24): Report #2 & WebCT Discussion #2
Week 5 (Oct. 31): WebCT Discussion #2 (Continued)
Week 6 (Nov. 7): Report #3 & WebCT Discussion #3
Week 7 (Nov. 14): WebCT Discussion #3 (Continued)
Week 8 (Nov. 21): Report #4 & WebCT Discussion #4
Week 9 (Nov. 28): WebCT Discussion #4 (Continued)
Week 10 (Dec. 5): Report #5 & WebCT Discussion #5
Week 11 (Dec. 12): WebCT Discussion #5 (Continued)
Week 12 (Dec. 19): Report #6 & WebCT Discussion #6
Week 13 (Dec. 26): WebCT Discussion #6 (Continued)
Week 14 (Jan. 9): Final Oral Presentation Using PowerPoint #1
Week 15 (Jan. 16): Final Oral Presentation Using PowerPoint #2

Course Facilitator: Professor Kazunori Nozawa; #443 Across Wing; Phone: 077-561-4816; E-mail:; Office Hour: Monday 13:00-16:00; Other date and time can be arranged by appointment.