The Ritsumeikan Academy

Profile of an ever-growing educational institute

Ritsumeikan has become an integrated academy with a rich culture of individuality and international awareness accommodating a total of 49,000 students. The current Ritsumeikan Academy has campuses in Kyoto, Shiga, Hokkaido, and Oita and encompasses two universities, four high schools, four junior high schools, and one primary school. Ritsumeikan fosters the learning and development of individual talents in order to nurture just and ethical global citizens.

The Ritsumeikan Trust


Suzaku Campus (Kyoto)

Suzaku Campus Suzaku Campus Suzaku Campus

Established in September 2006 as a local and global center of knowledge, the campus hosts several diverse and high level professional graduate schools as well as the Ritsumeikan Academy headquarters.

The School of Law aims to cultivate internationally-minded legal professionals equipped to meet present-day challenges. The Graduate School of Management produces management professionals with an acute sense of strategic purpose and a high level of practical skill. The innovative Graduate School of Public Policy trains capable professionals with the skills that will be indispensable for the changes in 21st century industrial structure that will be brought about by globalization, computerization, the declining birthrate and an aging population.


Ritsumeikan University

Kinugasa Campus (Kyoto)

Kinugasa campus Kinugasa campus Kinugasa campus

The Kinugasa Campus is located in northwestern Kyoto, a 1200 year old city rich in culture and art. Representative of Japanese learning and culture, Kyoto is a center for universities and university students. Kinugasa Campus is surrounded by such auspicious temples as Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Ninnaji, and Tojiin, a suitably tranquil setting for research and learning.

Kinugasa consists of six colleges (Law, Social Sciences, International Relations, Policy Science, Letters, and Image Arts and Sciences) and nine graduate schools (Law, Sociology, International Relations, Policy Science, Letters, Science for Human Services, Language Education & Information Science, Core Ethics & Frontier Sciences, and Image Arts and Sciences). The campus offers a comprehensive curriculum in the humanities and social sciences. The Inter-Faculty Institute for International Studies is also located at Kinugasa Campus.


Ritsumeikan University

Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC), Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture

Biwako Kusatsu Campus Biwako Kusatsu Campus Biwako Kusatsu Campus

Kusatsu City is located in Shiga Prefecture northeast of Otsu City, at the southernmost edge of the Omi Valley. During the Edo Period Kusatsu prospered, being located at the crossroads of the great Tokaido and Nakasendo highways. Presently it is a center for machine technology and is the prefecture’s number one industrial city as well as the hub of real estate, economy and transit, south of Lake Biwa.

The Biwako-Kusatsu Campus is southeast of Lake Biwa. BKC houses 7 colleges (Economics, Business Administration, Science & Engineering, Information Science & Engineering, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Sport and Health Science) and 8 graduate schools (Economics, Business Administration, Science & Engineering, Information Science & Engineering, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Technology Management, and Sport and Health Science). BKC also accommodates the Integrated Institute of Arts & Science.


Ritsumeikan University

Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC), Ibaraki, Osaka

Osaka Ibaraki Campus Osaka Ibaraki Campus Osaka Ibaraki Campus

Osaka Ibaraki Campus is located in Ibaraki City in Osaka Prefecture. The campus is located between Osaka City and Kyoto City with easy access to the Shinkansen line and airports making domestic and international travel easier.

The Osaka Ibaraki Campus opened in April 2015 and is expected to facilitate collaboration with industry and government institutions, promote the Ritsumeikan Academy’s activities on the frontline of social collaboration and exchange, and support the further development of undergraduate and graduate students. OIC houses the College and Graduate School of Business Administration, College and Graduate School of Policy Science, Graduate School of Technology Management, and Graduate School of Management. In addition, the new College of Comprehensive Psychology is scheduled to launch in April 2016.


Ritsumeikan Asia Pcific University

Beppu City, Oita Prefecture


In order for students to be able to live and learn in an international environment, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University was founded in April 2000. With approximately half of its students coming from 81 different countries and regions, APU is a “multicultural community.” APU takes the following as its ethos: “freedom, peace, and humanism,” “international mutual understanding,” and the “creation of the future of the Asia Pacific.”


Affiliate Schools

The Ritsumeikan Trust offers a comprehensive education from primary school through to graduate school, aiming to foster leaders for the globalized, information intensive society of the 21st century. Our nine affiliate schools keep in close contact with our post-secondary institutions, and provide information education and international education programs, including exchange activities with people of different cultures.