• RSJP and RWJP are programs consisting of two major subjects. Participants are enrolled in an intensive Japanese language class which provides them with a thorough introduction to the language. Students also participate in Japan Studies classes to learn about Japanese culture and take part in fieldwork excursions. The following is an example of the weekly schedule during the program period.


1st Period

2nd Period
3rd Period
Japanese Language Class

Japan Studies

Japan Studies

Japan Studies

*Please be aware that all schedules are subject to change.

Japanese Language Classes

All classes will be conducted at the Kinugasa Campus in Kyoto. Language classes are conducted for three hours every weekday morning, providing a thorough introduction to the Japanese language. Although particular emphasis is placed on oral communication skills, the program maintains an overall balance between conversation, reading, and writing, thus providing a solid foundation for future studies of the Japanese language.

Level Description
Beginners I
・About 100 hours of previous study
・Able to read and write Hiragana, and carry out conversation using simple sentences and words
・Completed Genki L1-L5, NAKAMA I Ch.1-7, Minna no Nihongo L1-12
Beginners II
・About 150 hours of previous study
・Able to carry out conversations using simple sentences and words. Has studied Kanji.
・Completed Genki L6-L12, NAKAMA I Ch.8- NAKAMA II Ch.4, Minnna no Nihongo L13-L25
Beginners III
・About 200 hours of previous study
・Knowledge of 200 kanji. Able to read sentences containing Kanji.
・Completed Genki L13~L23, NAKAMA II Ch.5~10, Minna no Nihongo L26~L50
・About 350 hours of previous study
・Completed beginner level textbook such as Genki, Minna no Nihongo, etc. Have started studying with intermediate level textbook such as Intermediate Japanese, Tobira: Gateway to Adavanced Japanese, etc.
・About 500 hours of previous study
・In process of or have completed intermediate level Japanese, Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese, Shin Nihongo no Chukyu etc.

*Class offering is subject to a sufficient number of participants with similar level of Japanese language proficiency.
*All classes will be conducted at the Kinugasa Campus in Kyoto.
*An Introductory class may be offered for those who have not reached the level of Beginners I class.

Japan Studies

Lectures focus on topics such as business, history, sociology, and traditional culture. In addition to having the chance to become more familiar with the finer aspects of Japanese culture in class, students also have the opportunity to take part in various fieldwork activities to reinforce what they have learned in class.