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Open Study in English Track

Launched in 2009 at Biwako-Kusatsu Campus, the Business Track features a fascinating combination of courses offered by the College of Business Administration. Instruction is held entirely in English, giving you a first-hand, insider's look at business in one of the world's largest economies. The program offers you a unique opportunity to study business with an international and intercultural perspective as you study alongside your fellow students from around the world. As a Business Track student, you are also eligible to take courses from the OSE class offerings in English by other faculties at RU. The Business Track and the Faculty of Business Administration will relocate to the new Osaka-Ibaraki Campus beginning in April 2015.

Spring 2015 Courses
Cross Culture Management Research International Accounting
International Corporate Culture International Industries
International Strategic Management Strategic Marketing
International Management Workshop

Fall 2015 Courses
International Human Resource Management Comparative Studies of Corporations
Intermediate International Accounting International Management Workshop
International Business Communication

[ Note ]
For a complete listing of current Business Track courses, please visit our online syllabus.

Admission Requirements for the Business Track

To be eligible to enroll in the Business Track, you must:

  1. Meet requirement a) or b)
    a) Currently enrolled in an institution of higher education for at least one year prior to the commencement of the program
    b) Have graduated from an institution of higher education with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  2. Native speaker of English or possess a minimum TOEFL® score of iBT 68/PBT 520 (or its equivalent)*
    *This requirement is waived for Business Track applicants enrolled in an institution that shares an Interdepartmental Agreement for Student Exchange with the Faculty of Business Administration.

[ Note ]
Japanese language proficiency is not required for Business Track applicants. Students enrolled in this track may elect to take OSE Track courses as well.

Japanese Language Classes for Business Track Students

While Japanese ability is not a requirement for participation in the Business Track, we do offer students with limited background in the language an optional course at the Introductory and Elementary level designed to provide the fundamental tools needed for everyday life in Japan. Students are placed either in Japanese Listening and Speaking (2 credits, 3 contact hours/week) or Comprehensive Japanese (3 credits in total, 4.5 contact hours/week).

Please be aware that the courses offered may not meet the needs of all students. Moreover, students are only eligible for Japanese classes offered within their own track of enrollment.

Other Regular Undergraduate Courses Taught in English

Students may enroll in content courses taught in English by the various academic faculties. There are usually a total of 10 to 15 of these courses offered each semester by the Faculties of International Relations, Letters, Business Administration, and Economics. Admission to these courses is subject to seat availability.

Changing Track of Enrollment

Students on the program for one year may apply to change their track of enrollment for their second semester. More information will be given upon commencement of the program.