There are two types of scholarships available to Study in Kyoto Program applicants. Please read below for further details.

1. Ritsumeikan University Scholarships (JASSO and RUSSES).

Students from partner universities under an Agreement for Student exchange are eligible for these scholarships.

Please download the application details and forms by clicking HERE:

Please submit all of the application forms and supporting documents by the deadline along with your Study in Kyoto Program application. All documents submitted with the scholarship application must be original.

No copies, faxed, or scanned documents will be accepted

Note: the following students are ineligible for the JASSO Scholarship
a) students who are receiving another scholarship that amounts to more than 80,000 Yen per month (or more than the total amount during the exchange period) for the purpose of studying in Japan.
b) students who have studied in Japan previously using a scholarship provided by JASSO.
c) students with a GPA less than 2.3 on JASSO’s 3.0 scale.
d) students from countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Japan.
e) students with Japanese citizenship, including those with dual citizenship.

2. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Scholarships

Students can apply directly to MEXT regarding the Japanese Language Study/ Japanese Culture Studies Scholarship.

Please download the application details (English) by clicking HERE


Please download the application form by clicking HERE

Please download the Health Certificate form by clicking HERE