The International Center at Kinugasa Campus arranges housing for all Study in Kyoto Program students who are from institutions sharing an Agreement of Student Exchange with RU and who do not wish to find housing on their own.

Ritsumeikan International House Dormitories

One of the best parts of the Study in Kyoto Program is the sense of community that develops among the students, leading to life long friendships. Nowhere is this more true than the two university dormitories. Students from around the world share one living space, giving you the opportunity to learn about other customs and cultures on top of experiencing daily life in Japan. I-House I and I-House II are both equipped with everything a college student would need: fully furnished rooms, laundry facilities, lounges, kitchens, free internet access, and computer rooms.

The sense of community at I-House is further accentuated by the live-in managers and buddies. Each I-House is taken care of by Japanese house parents who also act as managers, so assistance is always just a few doors down. The Japanese I-House Buddies assist you when you first move in, help you as you adjust to living in Japan, and organize dormitory events throughout the year. Together, the managers and the buddies create a sense of family and provide a unique and enjoyable cross-cultural living experience, making the International Houses feel like a truly international home. Both dormitories are located within 30 minutes of Kinugasa Campus by public transportation and are within easy access by bicycle.

I-House 1 I-House 2
Monthly Dorm Fees 36,000 yen 45,000 yen
Toilet/Wash Basin Communal Private
Refrigerator Communal Private
Balcony No Yes
Baths/Showers Communal
Kitchen Communal
Laundry/Dryer Communal
Bedding Provided Yes
Lounge Communal
Dorm Room Internet Access Yes
Computer Room Communal

[ Note ]
Only students from institutions sharing an Agreement for Student Exchange with RU may apply for housing through RU. Moreover, due to the limited availability of dormitory housing, students may not be placed in their first choice of housing location. Housing application information will be distributed to eligible students after admission.

Rits International House I

Rits International House II

Housing for Business Track Students

In fall 2012, the Ritsumeikan University BKC International House (BKC I-House) was completed at the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus and is open to Business Track students. BKC I-House was also built to further promote the internationalization of education and research while creating a space for true international exchange by having Japanese and international students live together under one roof. The dormitory also contains common living areas such as the multipurpose hall with a tatami corner and recreation facilities consisting of table tennis, a billiard table, and a basketball court. Rent starts at 39,000 yen per month, not including utilities.


Long-term homestays are not offered as part of The Study in Kyoto Program. However, during the duration of the program, third party associations offer various short-term homestay opportunities that are made available through the International Center. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.

Getting Around

Getting around in Kyoto by bicycle is very convenient, so most students buy a bicycle during the program. New bicycles can be purchased from local bicycle stores at prices starting from approximately 10,000 yen. Used bicycles start from around 5,000 yen. If you should prefer to use the bus to go around Kyoto, there are bus stops located conveniently close to the dormitories at a cost of 230 yen per ride.

Apartment Housing

Students from partner universities wishing to have that extra level of personal living space and independence may also choose to live in an apartment organized by Ritsumeikan. Fully-furnished and located close to Kinugasa Campus, living alongside local Japanese residents allows you to experience the life of an average Japanese college student. At Ritsumeikan, we will be by your side throughout the initial moving in and lease signing process. After you move in, a helping hand is just a phone call away.

Students who wish to live in an apartment will be required to provide a guarantor. If needed, students may enter the Housing Guarantor System which will act as their guarantor. Please click here for full details.