About SSH Research and Development

About SSH Research and Development

First awarded Super Science School status in 2002, Ritsumeikan runs a specialist program for pupils who have a particular interest in science at the senior high school level, and now we received 3rd term award(from 2010 to 2014 fiscal year)after their length of designation extended from three years to five years. The research and development subject of this term is considered as "research and development of the education system which raises the knowledge to the scientist who plays an active part in an international scene", specifically,

  1. Research for extending the knowledge to science, extending sensitivity for acquiring a social sense of mission
  2. Research for communication skills in science required in an international scene
  3. Research and development for building the international network towards future activity

In the situation where the role that science plays for the earth or human beings has been increasing, "high academic ability and a broad experience", "the power which sends to have learned and it applies", "a sense of mission for putting science to use for society", The education system for scientist training which plays an active part in an international scene is studied by making international science instruction into a cut end, and we wish to foster a large number of excellent scientists simultaneously.

Moreover, specification of a Science Technology human resource development primary frame is obtained, and research on collaboration dealing with joint research etc. and leadership training in it is done in the 2013 to 2014 fiscal year by making "leadership training which bears promotion and collaboration of the scientific inquiry in an international scene" into a research-and-development subject.

Specifically, four items of the following contents are tackled.

  1. This school dispatches to the overseas training etc. which have so far been performed also including a cooperation school student, and strengthens an international network.
  2. Explore the factor of leadership training in joint research with an overseas school in aiming at a student's active management.
  3. Japan Super Science Fair will be held in the 26 fiscal year in the Heisei 25 fiscal year.
  4. Enrich the spread activities of internationalization of science instruction focusing on symposium holding.