School Fees & Expenses

Thorough all-round financial support for research activities

Students can pursue high-level research in an optimal environment with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, without paying any more than humanities research students.
Comprehensive financial support is also available for research-based studies. Students can apply for a number of programs, including Ritsumeikan scholarships and loans and financial support from the Japan Student Services Organization.

School Fees & Expenses: For Newly Enrolling Students from FY2014 (reference)

(Unit: JPY)
  Admission Fee Tuition Fees(1st year)
Master's Degree Program Ritsumeikan Graduate 1,178,000
Other School Graduate 300,000 1,018,000
Doctoral Degree Program Ritsumeikan Graduate 500,000
Other School Graduate 300,000

*For details, please refer to Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Entrance Examination Guidelines.