Message from the Dean

Our Graduate School aims to foster professionals and academic researchers in the sports and health disciplines who are able to respond to current social demand in these important fields.

As Tokyo was chosen to host the Olympics of 2020, and people are becoming more and more health-conscious and developing a greater interest in sport, we find ourselves in the midst of a deluge of inaccurate information. Against this background, the promotion of information with a scientific basis relating, for example, to methods of exercise and physical activities and research into fields such as training methods aimed at enhancing sport competitiveness have become a major need in modern-day society.

The Graduate School of Sport and Health Science established Doctoral Program in FY2012 and the name of the Master’s Course established in 2010 has been changed to the Master’s Program, completing the graduate course framework. The Master’s Program is divided into the two fields of “Sport and Exercise Science” and “Sport Pedagogy and Management” and academic education and research into sport and health is conducted from a scientific perspective. We cultivate specialized professionals and researchers possessing both expert knowledge in the field of sport and health science and advanced practical skills and leadership qualities who are capable of contributing to social development. The Doctoral Program aims to cultivate researchers endowed with globally-applicable practical skills in each field.

Through interaction between students advancing to higher education from both other universities and other colleges within Ritsumeikan University, we look forward to the realization of a new, fresh atmosphere in which research into new concepts will flourish. Although the Doctoral Program will be completed in FY2014, the doctoral students over the intake level are daily engaged in advanced research with the aim of acquiring doctoral degrees.

We hope you will engage in education and research on this graduate course to deepen your learning through both theory and practical application and attain your own field of activities guided by your own knowledge and actions. We look forward to welcoming students with the unbending resolve to win out over intense competition in the field of research into sport and health science for which there is an ever-growing social demand.

Dean, Graduate School of Sport and Health Science Izumi TABATA