Can I enroll even if I’m not an experienced sportsperson or don’t have a background in science?
There are no prerequisites regarding your previous education or sports experience. We are looking for committed and enthusiastic people who are dedicated to research in the field of Sport and Health Science. However, you will be required to submit research accomplishments or a master’s thesis, for example, in the field of sport and health science for the doctoral program.
Do you have a curriculum tailored to people already in employment?
The Graduate School requires all students to pursue learning and research under the same curriculum, regardless of the category in which they opt to take the entrance examination. Basically, classes are held between 9:00-19:30 (master’s program) and 18:00 – 21:10 (doctoral program) on weekdays.
What kind of career support do you offer?
The Graduate School works with the Ritsumeikan Office of Career Services to offer all students career support in areas such as development of social work-related views and the development of skills in society. In addition, the university has also established an on-campus Graduate Student Career Path Support Center to provide support for career development and the building of career paths.
When is the entrance examination held?
Students may enroll for courses offered by the Graduate School of Sport and Health Science only in April. The dates and application periods for entrance examinations are detailed in the Entrance Examination Guidelines, which are distributed from May of the previous academic year.
What is the entrance examination methodology and what subjects are involved?
There are four options. The first is an Internal Entrance Examination for students currently enrolled in college of Ritsumeikan University. The second is the General Entrance Examination. The third is the Mature Student Entrance Examination and the fourth is the Entrance Examination for Overseas Students (Master’s program only). Each examination comprises an application documentation screening, a written test (essay), an interview (Master’s program only) and an oral examination (Doctoral program only). Those taking the General Entrance Examination will also be required to take a written test (English).
Please tell me about the research environment.
The main building of the graduate school features a research environment that meets international standards, comprising the latest cutting-edge equipment and test devices and it is here that research straddling multiple fields is often carried out. Graduate Student Rooms are fully equipped with carrel desks to create an environment conducive to study and focus on research.