Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ concerning applications for MPED

Q1. How can I apply for MPED?

For application, you have to send all required documents to the designated office within the specified period.
Please consult the webpage of your desired application type from the list on the left side of the MPED homepage and make note of eligibility, required documents and application period.

Q2. I have never studied economics. What do I have to do for preparation before the course starts?

In order to smoothly start your study at MPED, you need to study microeconomics and macroeconomics at the undergraduate level before you enter MPED. Moreover, this program requires knowledge of mathematics and statistics at least at high-school level.
Please see a recommended textbook list for self-study.

Q3. What are the application requirements for MPED?

The application requirements are different depending on the application type (what kind of financial support you would like to receive.) Please consult the webpage of your desired application type from the list on "Application Information" of the MPED homepage.

Q4. What is the screening procedure like?

Screening is conducted mainly based on submitted materials. You can see required application materials on "Application Information". But an interview via email/telephone/Skype is also conducted if necessary.

Q5. Do I need to apply for the scholarship program separately from the university?

<Applicant for ADB, MEXT>
No, you don't. If you send all the required documents to us within the designated period, your application for scholarship program and university will be complete.

<Applicant for World Bank, IMF, IDB>
Yes, you do. If you pass the first screening made by university, you will have to prepare the other documents prescribed by the scholarship organization.

Q6. Does MPED have spring admission?

The curriculum of MPED starts in September. So basically MPED doesn't accept new students in spring.

FAQ about financial support of MPED

Q1. Does MPED (Ritsumeikan University) have scholarships?

Ritsumeikan University has the following financial support:
*For self-sponsored students only

For 1st grade students
Graduate School Special Honors Scholarship B 200,000 yen
*This scholarship is bestowed on successful candidates who are highly ranked at the time of the entrance examination.

For 2nd grade students
Graduate School Special Honors Scholarship A 500,000yen
Graduate School Special Honors Scholarship B 200,000yen
*The recipients of this scholarship will be selected based on the applicants' academic performance during the 1st year.

MPED also accepts many students with scholarships offered by other organizations.
For more information on scholarships,

FAQ about other issues

Q1. What is the tuition fee for MPED?
Q2. How much are monthly living costs in Japan?
Q3. Tell me about campus facilities and student support.
Q4. If I have other inquiries, who should I contact?

Please send an email to: