Name Position Field of Research Research Theme Web Site
AGATSUMA, Nobuhiko Professor Environmental Economics
  • Economic studies on choice of environmental policy instruments
FLATH, David Professor Industrial Organization, Japanese Economy
  • Government Regulation
  • Antitrust Economics
  • Applied Economics
FURUKAWA, Akira Professor Contemporary Japanese Economics
  • Contemporary Japanese Economics
  • Economic policy (incl. economic condition)
  • Economic relations in the Pacific Rim
GOKAN, Yoichi Professor Macro Dynamics Theory, Economic Growth Theory
  • Macro Dynamics Theory
  • Economic Growth Theory
GOMBI, Ichiro Professor Macroeconomic Theory
  • Macroeconomic Theory
  • International Finance
HAYASHI, Hiroaki Professor Comparative Economic Systems,
Economics of Transition
  • Comparative Economic Systems
  • Economics of System Transformation
  • Comparative Study on Socio-economic Problems of Transition Countries
HORI, Kazumi Professor Contract Theory
  • Organizational Economics
  • Contract Theory
  • Applied Microeconomic Theory
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INABA, Kazuo Professor Economic Statistics
  • Econometric Analyses on the overseas activities of the Japanese Corporations
  • Macroeconometric Analyses on the Japanese Direct Foreign Investment
INASAWA, Izumi Professor Policy Process Analysis(Environmental and Energy Sectors), Environmental Policy,International Finance
  • International Comparative Analysis of Policy Making Process in Energy Sector
  • Environmental Policies and Development
  • International Project Finance
IZAWA, Hiroshi Professor Monetary Economics,
Experimental Economics,
Behavioral Finance
  • Empirical Study on Japanese Banking Industry
  • Experimental Study of Risk Preference
KURIHARA, Yukiko Associate Professor Home economics/Human life, Area Studies, Economic Statistics
  • Microdata Analysis Based on Secondary Utilization of Official Statistics
KUROKAWA, Kiyoto Professor Development Economics,Regional Economics,Economic Analysis of Disaster Risk Management
  • Efforts to develop the private sector aim to promote economic growth in developing countries
  • Urbanization and rural development
  • Disaster management and economic development
LEE, Kangkook Professor Development Economics,
East Asia
  • Global imbalances and the global financial crisis
  • Effects of financial globalization on poverty and distribution in developing countries
MATSUBARA, Toyohiko Professor Agricultural Economics,
Economic Policy
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness in Canada and its relationship to Asian Market
MATSUMOTO, Akira Professor Political Economy,
Monetary Economics
  • Study on systematizing of the international economics with the international value theory as the key concept
  • On relation between monetary policy and prices
MOMOTA, Akira Professor Macroeconomics,
Population Economics
  • Economic growth theory
  • Population economics: a theoretical approach
  • A theoretical study on macroeconomic dynamics under low fertility and aging societies
NAKAMOTO, Satoru Professor American Economy,
International Economics,
International Political Economy, Creative Economy,
  • Research on the Creative Economy
  • Research on the Service Economy
  • Research on the U.S. Economy
NOMURA, Ryoichi Professor Strategic Trade Policy
International Trade Theory

OHNO, Atsushi Associate Professor International Political Economy, International Economics Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption
  • WTO and Development Policy
OKAWA, Masayuki Professor Economic Theory,
International Economics
  • Study on the Theory of International Trade Theory under Imperfect Competition
QIN, Jie Professor Investment Theory,
Behavioral Finance
  • Asymmetric information,herding,
    and crash in security market
SATOH, Takashi Professor Socio-Economics,
Economic Theory
  • Marxian Economic Theory
  • Theory of Capital
  • The Theory of Capitalist Economy
SEKI, Mai Associate Professor Economic statistics, Economic policy
Public finance, Public economy
  • Econometrics analysis of college degree and labor market (U.S./Canada/Egypt)
  • Impact evaluation of cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of an education intervention (Bangladesh)
  • Impact evaluation of infrastructure projects (India/Morocco)
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SHEN, Xuemei Associate Professor Statistics, Finance,
Chinese Economy
  • Construction of a new tax system to support China's sustainable economic growth
SHIMADA, Koji Professor Environment Policy,
Integrated Environmental Assessment,
Environmental Behavior Analysis
  • Energy demand elasticity analysis
  • Compact city formulation policy analysis considering housing and location preferences
SUGITA, Nobuki Professor Japanese Economy,
Economic Policy
  • Regional Development Policy
  • Industrial Agglomeration
TANAKA, Hiroshi Professor Comparative Economics,
Institutional Economics
  • Comparative regional economic integration:Asia, Europe and Eurasia etc.
TANIGAKI, Kazunori Professor International Trade Theory, Trade Policy, Trade Theory
  • International Trade Theory and Policy

TERAWAKI, Taku Professor Environmental Economics,
Agricultural Economics
  • Economic valuation of non-market goods with stated preference approaches
  • Empirical analysis of consumer behavior/preference using survey data
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TOKUMARU, Natsuka Associate Professor Political Economy,
Economic Philosophy,
Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral theory of Institutions and Ethics
YAMAI, Toshiaki Professor Economic and Social History of Modern Europe
  • Nation and nationalism in the European history
  • Study on the German Revolution of 1848/49
  • Social Inequality in Germany after 1945