Voice of Alumni

  • NGUYEN Thi Kim Thoa(Vietnam)

    Graduated in 2016

    1.About my Research
    My research is an experimental study, which is considerably unusual in terms of development economics. The experiment is based on a project carried out in a remote Island of Hyogo prefecture. We equipped the participating households on the island with smart meters which substitute for analog meters, which used to facilitated to measure electric power consumption. Based on the real-time information from the smart meter, we establish new electric pricing system that would provide participants an incentive to constrain their consumption. The aim of the research is to investigate how consumers change their behavior after applying dynamic pricing based on electric power consumption’s visualization through tablet PCs. If it is possible, I hope in the future we can apply this experience to developing countries as well.

    2.Life at Ritsumeikan / in Japan
    I am having a great life at Ritsumeikan University with friends from many countries all over the world such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Tanzania, and Japan. By getting along well with those friends, I got to know more about other cultures and nurture a spirit of mutual respect to each other’s customs and religions. The variety of nationalities also brings us chance to have fruitful discussions, which not only deepen our friendships but also broaden our knowledge in classes. Both the campus and the dormitory where I live are located in Minamikusatsu city of Shiga prefecture, where we can get easy access to Kyoto, which used to be the imperial capital of Japan with peaceful scenery and beautiful temples. Of course, Shiga itself is a great place to explore the Japanese hidden charms.

    3.Future plans after graduation
    Thanks to the support of my supervisor and the career office at Ritsumeikan, I achieved a job offer from a member firm of one of the big four auditors in the world. Next spring, I am going to work in Japan after graduation and extremely looking forward to having new experiences and challenges in the next chapter of my life. I believe that working in Japan will help me develop myself into a successful business person, and studying the master course at Ritsumeikan was the key helping me to open that opportunity.

  • NEW NEW AYE(Myanmar)

    Graduated in 2010

    Studying at Ritsumeikan University gives me the advantage of studying in one of the world's largest economies while also receiving high quality guidance from numerous teachers with years of experience in the important East Asian economies of Korea and China.

  • BARRENECHE GARCIA, Andres(Colombia)

    Graduated in 2010

    The MPED program offers an Economics program unlike anywhere else in the world as it focuses on the Japanese point of view on Development. This approach, although mostly unexplored where I come from, has proven to be very relevant throughout recent history, with many Asian countries as successful examples.

  • MANALO Pamela Diaz(Philippines)

    Graduated in 2012

    The MPED Program provides a good venue for a healthy exchange of ideas and country experiences on socio-economic issues confronting developing countries. It also gives a deeper insight to the Japanese economy through faculty members who have first-hand knowledge and experience with Japan's public sector. Visiting professors from other countries and academic institutions help broaden students' perspective on more global economic concerns. With rich library resources and support from the faculty, students are able to conduct researches that are more current and relevant.

  • ISRAILOVA Asel(Kyrgyzstan)

    Graduated in 2012

    My two years of MPED at Ritsumeikan University were the best academic and cultural experience in my life. With the excellence and support of academic staff I had a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in economics and conduct independent economic research. I had also a chance to enjoy Japanese lifestyle and richness of this country, culture and nature. I met a lot of charming people and had unforgettable memories. I will keep these memories for a long time.