Master’s ProgramSchedule

With full thesis guidance and a coherent educational program, the GSIR strives to foster future young leaders who will actively participate in international society

Comprehensive Support,  from Research Presentations to Career Advising and Thesis Writing, Various Opportunities for Studying Abroad, Internships and Field Research

*As for detailed schedules, please refer to the Study Guide 2014 upon admission.

Student Voice

2 years spent under ardent mentorship and close, personal relationships

Robert A. KOO

Master’s Program

Over my 2 years on the GCP program I have met so many great people from all over the world, coming from various backgrounds and all with different research interests. Outside the classroom especially, over a cold beer (or 5) by the river, Christmas dinner at a friend’s apartment or lunch in the research room, I have made some really good friends that I’ll be sad to say goodbye to.

Within the School I have had the honour to meet brilliant academics from within the University as well as visiting professors and professionals from various international organisations and institutes. One fond memory was taking a summer intensive course taught by of Mr Yasushi Akashi, who had worked as the Special Forces representative for the U.N in Cambodia and Yugoslavia. His course was informative and his stories touching, so much so that I became much more interested in peace and diplomacy studies.

My professor throughout has guided and assisted me in my research and the support and the encouragement from other students in the seminar has made for a relaxed and motivating study experience. Presenting our research has been nerve-wracking at times but constructive advice from both professors and classmates has really built my confidence. The close relationship I’ve enjoyed with my professor is something I won’t forget either. Eating and drinking together is a great way to relax after a presentation!

Thanks also to the excellent career support system at Ritsumeikan I have been able to prepare for job hunting in Japan. I participated in a course for foreigners seeking work in Japan which gave me the chance to make presentations in front of company representatives and take lessons in Japanese business manners and etiquette. Thanks to the course and on-going support I got an offer to start work immediately after graduation.
I can say in full confidence that my 2 years as a graduate student here at Ritsumeikan has given me the skills, chances and confidence to move forward in life.