GJP (Global and Japanese Perspectives Program)

GJP aims to develop global experts who connect Japan and the world from a perspective of Japan studies and international relations. Both International students and Japanese students learn together.

  1. Aims to develop individuals who can work as a bridge between Japan and the world.
  2. Master's program of Japan Studies and Global Relations for non-Japanese students.
  3. Although not a requirement, the program is designed for students with some experience learning Japanese and a strong interest in Japan. The program provides advanced Japanese language training through international relations studies.

Features of GJP Curriculum

Model of GJP Curriculum

GJP is a new program which incorporates a cutting-edge Japan studies program into our highly acclaimed program on international relations. The GJP curriculum is based on a matrix in which two main subjects (IR and Japan studies) intersect two languages (English and Japanese). This matrix is designed to help students understand positions and roles of Japan in the contemporary international community through interdisciplinary and multiple viewpoints. You can place your research interests in the matrix to effectively design your studies in Kyoto.

To earn a Master's degree, 30 credits of approved graduate coursework must be completed. Within the 30 credits, you are asked to complete 16 credits in English and 4 credits in Japanese. The remaining 10 credits are completed in a language of your choice either English or Japanese.

Comprehensive Japanese I, II
Academic Writing in Japanese I, II
Many Japanese language courses of various levels are offered. These courses provide opportunities to improve discussion, reading as well as writing skills.

Take a seminar to help prepare your Master's thesis. Students are required to take a seminar in English in order to meet all requirements within two years. Taking a seminar in Japanese is optional.

These courses are provided only for students who belong to GJP and non-Japanese native students.
Platform I: A seminar course is provided on Japan and international relations. The course will be conducted in Japanese. The instructor will assist with students' Japanese.
Platform II: A seminar course is provided on Japanese society. The course will be conducted in Japanese. The instructor will assist with students' Japanese.

If your native language or your first foreign language is English, it will be more efficient for you to learn international relations and Japan studies in English. Your deeper understanding of the subjects will surely enhance your understanding of the issues in Japanese.

You can take courses of your choice in Japanese with Japanese students. Take courses of your choice.

Students are asked to write their Master's thesis in English.

You will complete our GJP program and earn a Master's degree on International Relations for global professionals with advanced knowledge of international relations and understanding of Japan!