Message from the Dean

Masahisa Koyama

Fostering Global Citizenship

Graduate School of International Relations Ritsumeikan University

Masahisa Koyama

The Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR) at Ritsumeikan University was established in 1992, and now has a history reaching back quarter of a century. The past 25 years have seen many major changes to the postwar world; the Cold War has ended, liberalized, market-based economies have expanded, and technological innovation has had a profound impact on our economic activities, and the daily lives of people in both developed and developing countries. Another significant change which has come about during this period is the increasing global presence of such emerging nations as China and India. We are now living in a cross-border society, in which people, goods and services, and capital can move freely. This global trend has tightened inter-dependence between nations and regions.

This liberalized and globalized society has amplified the effects of pressing issues like income disparity and poverty, financial crises, the exploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation, and conflict, terrorism and refugees; theses are are all issues which remain challenges yet to be tackled by the international community. At the UN Summit in September 2015, the global community agreed the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. The international community thereby committed itself to building a sustainable society by making efforts to preserve natural environments, eradicate poverty and hunger, and create societies where people can live healthy and safe lives.

Any solution to these complicated global issues requires a multifaceted approach beyond the individual academic disciplines of International Politics, Economics, Law, Culture and Sociology. This interdisciplinary approach is embodied in the study of International Relations, which is the most relevant field of study to the needs of today’s society. Our mission at GSIR is to educate self-reliant, independent human beings who will tackle global issues based on a sound foundation of professional knowledge. GSIR has an excellent faculty trained in a variety of disciplines and fields of study. We provide thoughtful, personalised guidance and in-depth education through a diverse set of program options and opportunities to pursue a Dual Master Degree Program (DMDP) with related overseas graduate schools; we are committed to supporting students’ initiative in practical learning through internship programs and field study. Thus we promise to respond to individual students’ learning objectives and to do our utmost to satisfy them. The Graduate School of International Relations looks forward to receiving applications from enthusiastic students, and to having an opportunity of sharing our enthusiasm, knowledge and experience.