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Cultivating Human Resources through the Provision of Integrated and Collaborative Education in Life Sciences

The life sciences seek to elucidate the structure and mechanisms underlying the complexity and diversity of life and other biological phenomena. It is an area that is highly anticipated to make major contributions toward overcoming the illnesses of humankind, improving human life, as well as toward resolving food supply, securing resources, environmental issues and energy issues. While the life sciences are considered the key to a better life, a better diet, and a better lifestyle in the 21st century, the field is still in its infancy and much research has yet to be done and to be developed.

In April 2012, in accordance with the conception of integrated education and research for the life sciences, Ritsumeikan University established the Graduate School of Life Sciences at the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus, the largest center for science and technological research in western Japan. The Graduate School focuses on integrated and collaborative education in the life sciences where students can proactively study related fields while simultaneously deepening their understanding of their specialized area of study. We educate students and conduct research in the hope of cultivating individuals with a depth and breadth of knowledge who manifest independence and initiative.

Kazuo Kojima
Kazuo Kojima
Professor and Dean
Graduate School of Life Sciences