About GSLS

Message from the Dean


In April 2012, the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Life Sciences was established at Biwako-Kusatsu Campus, the largest center for science and technological research in western Japan, based on a concept of integrated education and research for the life sciences.

Life phenomena appears before our eyes as something complex and diverse. The life sciences is an academic discipline that seeks to elucidate these phenomena and apply the results of research to overcoming the illnesses of humankind, improving human life, and resolving food supply and environmental issues. In recent years, remarkable developments have taken place in the life sciences. However, in order for humanity to live better, eat better, and have a better overall quality of life, further research and development needs to be done in the life sciences. The Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Life Sciences has made it its mission to contribute to such demands. The Graduate School focuses on integrated and collaborative education in the life sciences, where students are not limited to only their specialized area of study, but are also able to study related fields. We aim to foster engineers and researchers who possess both broad insight and a high level of expertise alongside a rich sense of humanity.

Takeshi Kikuchi
Professor and Dean
Graduate School of Life Sciences