Degree Applications

The thesis must be printed and bound according to GSLS standards. Any thesis not produced according to GSLS standards will be rejected. To avoid disappointment and additional expense, please read instructions carefully before submitting your thesis.

Please make sure that the spelling, formatting, capitalization, and punctuation of your thesis/dissertation title on each document you submit must be EXACTLY the same.

Master's Degree Applications (2017 Spring Semester)

Application for Master’s Degree
1Master's Thesis Application Guidelines
2Title Sheet (A4 size)           [Sample]
3Title Sheet (B5 size)           [Sample]
4Application for Conferment of Degree            [Sample]
5Record of Conferment of Master's Degree              [Sample]
6Consent Form for Use of Master's Thesis or Equivalent            [Sample]
7Receipt for Master's Thesis

Doctoral Degree Applications 
Application for Doctoral Degree (course-based degree)
1Notes on Application Documents Required for Doctoral Degrees

[Sample for Cover, Spine, Front Page]
2Application for the Review of Dissertation (Doctoral)      [Sample]
3Application for Conferment of Doctoral Degree                                                         (Course-based) (Dissertation-based)        [Sample
4List of Dissertations (Course-based)(Dissertation-based)   [Sample]
Consent Agreement
5Curriculum Vitae    [Sample]
6Abstract of Doctoral Dissertation      [Sample
●Posting the Full Text of Doctoral Dissertation on the Internet

1. Guidelines
2. Check Sheet
3. Ritsumeikan Research Repository (R-Cube) Registration Consent Agreement

 ※If Necessary ↓↓↓

▶  Request Form for Publishing Dissertation to Institutional Repository
▶  Permission to Include Coauthored Paper(Sample)

In case you cannot post full text on internet

1. Guidelines
2. Application for Posting Summary of Doctoral Dissertation on the Website of R-Cube