Student Life

About BKC

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Administrative Office
Graduate School of Life Sciences
Open Hours

weekdays 10:00-11:30, 12:30-17:00
*Mon only 12:30-17:00


To provide support, consultations and advice on all academic matters, such as class registration, grades, graduation requirements, and internship opportunities.

Medical Service Center
Open Hours
Internal Medicine
Mon/Fri 9:30-11:30, 13:30-16:00
Tue/Thu 13:30-16:00
Wed 9:30-11:30
Psychiatry (subscription basis)
Tue 13:30-17:00
Wed 9:30-11:30, 13:00-16:30

To promote the health of students through a combination of general health support services and a medical office that specializes in internal medicine.

Convenience Store
Open Hours

weekdays 8:30-21:30
weekends and national holidays 10:00-17:00

Travel Center
Open Hours

weekdays 10:30-17:30

Shop (books and computers available)
Open Hours

weekdays 10:15-18:30

Open Hours

weekdays 10:15-16:00

BKC International Center
Open Hours

weekdays 10:00-11:30, 12:30-17:00
*Wed only 12:30-17:00


Support for international students' scholarship applications, visa application, residence status, and government registration, as well as accommodation assistance and cultural exchange events.

Open Hours

Mon-Sat 9:00-21:00
Sundays and national holidays 9:00-19:00


Weight training rooms with the equipment necessary for a healthy workout. At the gym we have trainers residing nearby and students can use the facilities free of charge.


To further promote the internationalization of education and research while creating a space for true international exchange by having Japanese and international students live together under one roof!

Facilities Description
In Each
Private Room
Bed, Desk & Chair, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, lighting, Internet, Sink, Toilet w/ Washlet
*Type-B rooms also include showers.
Common Use
Kitchen Lounge (with TV & DVD Player)
1st-4th Floor: Shower Room, Laundry Room (with dryer)
Multipurpose Hall with Tatami Corner (with TV & DVD Player)
Recreation Facilities (Table Tennis, Billiard Table, Basketball hoop, etc.)
Monthly Lodging Fees
Student Rooms Area Rent (water included) Bedding Rental Electricity Total
Type A
(private toilet only)
apr.13m² 39,000JPY 2,000JPY As used 41,000JPY + electricity
Type B
(private shower & toilet)
47,000JPY 2,000JPY As used 49,000JPY + electricity

* Rates are current as of September 2012 but are subject to change without notice.

Open Hours

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Nearly 3 million volumes, including almost 1 million foreign language volumes, as well as about 80,000 journals and e-journals to support your research.