Sustainable Development Cluster


Aims to "pursue and design the theory for sustainable society".
Conducts research from the following 3 approaches; 1. mastering policy science / engineering, 2. solving the same-dimension problems regarding human, society, and economics which arise according to regional environment change, 3. acquiring field research technique

in charge
ISHIHARA Kazuhiko (Professor)
OBATA Norio (Professor)
KANEGAE Hidehiko (Professor)
KOSUGI Takanobu (Professor)
SHIOZAKI Yoshimitsu (Professor)
ZHOU Weisheng (Professor)
TAKAO Katsuki (Professor)
TAKAMURA Gakuto (Professor)
NAKAGAMI Kenichi (Professor)
YOSHIDA Tomohiko (Professor)
CASSIM Monte (Professor)
SHIKI Kimiko (Associate Professor)
TOYODA Yusuke (Associate Professor)