Social Management Cluster


Focuses on the current state and problems of the social system and/or network which designs such policies as welfare and/or regional management, and its management process multidirectionally

in charge
AZUMA Yoshifumi (Professor)
ISHIKAWA Ibuki (Professor)
INABA Mitsuyuki (Professor)
OTSUKA Yoko (Professor)
ODA Hisaya (Professor)
KISHI Michio (Professor)
SAKANISHI Akiko (Professor)
SAKURAI Masanari (Professor)
NISHIMURA Yozo (Professor)
HATTORI Toshiyuki (Professor)
HIRAOKA Kazuhisa (Professor)
MORI Hiroyuki (Professor)
IIDA Miki (Associate Professor)
FUNAHASHI Toyoko (Associate Professor)
OTIENO Francis (Associate Professor)