GSPS Week Nov14-23, 2018

To give opportunities for undergraduate students to know what a graduate school is, Graduate School of Policy Science (GSPS) organize events as below in the middle of Nov, 2018. It's a chance to hear voices of GSPS students and experience the seminars of GSPS.

1.Talk event: Daily Life and Research at GSPS

Nov 14 (Wed) 12:20-12:50
OIC R-AGORA (Building B, Second Floor)

English-based GSPS students talk about their research activities and daily life. Associate Dean of GSPS explain features of GSPS and how to prepare to go to the graduate school.

Speaker: WINA Cynthia (Master student from Indonesia), YE Meng(Doctoral Student from China) and TAKAMURA Gakuto (Associate Dean)

Light meal: Rice bowls and tea is provided for participants (Max.20 set)*

2.Open Seminar of Research Project

The curriculum of GSPS is characterized by its "Research Project" program, which is issue-based joint-seminar of every week and aims to open up intellectual spaces where faculty members of different disciplines work with graduate students each of whom pursues the topics of Research Project.

For two weeks of this November, you can visit the class of Research Project. Most of Research Projects are composed of English-based and Japanese-based students. You have a wider range of choice of your supervisor than CRPS. The topics and the professors of each research project is below.

“SDG's & DRR” Research Project
Prof. KANEGAE, Associate Prof.UEHARA, Associate Prof. Ryo SAKURAI, Associate Prof. TOYOTA and Specially Appointed Prof. TAKAO

Nov.14(Wed) 16:20〜19:30 (Eng)
Nov.21(Wed) 16:20〜17:50 (Eng)
Room AS458

“Globalizing Pluralistic Welfare and Economic Society” Research Project
Prof. KAMIKUBO, Prof. OTSUKA, Prof. Masanari SAKURAI, Prof.SAKANISHI and Associate Prof. IIDA

Nov.15(Thu) 16:20〜 19:30 (Eng&Jap)
Nov.22(Thu) 16:20〜 19:30 (Eng&Jap)
Room AS455

“Public Policy in East Asia” Research Project
Prof. KAMIKO, Prof. KISHI and Prof.Nishimura

Nov.15(Thu) 18:00〜19:30(Eng)
Nov.22(Thu) 16:20〜18:00(Eng)
Room AS454

“Urban Planning, Community Building and Housing” Research Project
Prof.ISHIHARA, Associate Prof. SHIKI, Prof.TAKAMURA and Prof.YOSHIDA

Nov.15(Thu) 16:20〜18:00(Eng)
Nov.22(Thu) 18:00〜19:30(Eng)
Room AS453

“Area Management and Public Policy” Research Project
Prof.ISHIKAWA, Prof.KOSUGI, Prof HIRAOKA and Specially Appointed Prof. OBATA

Nov.15(Thu) 16:20〜 18:00 (Japanese)
Nov.22(Thu) 16:20〜 18:00 (Japanese)
Room AS452

“Decentralization and Governance” Research Project
Prof.SATO, Prof.SHIGEMORI, Prof.TABAYASHI, Prof.MABUCHI, Specially Appointed Prof. MIKAMI and Specially Appointed Prof. YAMAMOTO

Nov.15(Thu) 16:20〜 18:00 (Japanese)
Nov.22(Thu) 16:20〜 18:00 (Japanese)

“Global Governance and Energy Environmental Policy” Research Project
Prof. SHU, Prof.MIYAWAKI and Specially Appointed Prof. NAKAGAMI

Nov.15(Thu) 16:20〜 19:30 (Japanese)
Nov.22(Thu) 16:20〜 19:30 (Japanese)
Room AS456

You may visit the room without reservation. It’s open to public : students of other universities may also join. Most of Research Project have 2 successive sessions for a day. You may leave after first session.

To know the discipline and research theme of each faculty member, please search his-her name at the academic database below.
Ritsumeikan University Researcher's database

*Every academic year, there are always minor changes of composition and theme of Research Project.

3.Guidance for the preparation to go to GSPS

a. Individual Consultation

Nov.23(Fri) 15:30〜17:00   R-AGORA (Building B, Second Floor)

Associate Dean of GSPS provides an individual consultation with those who are considering to go to GSPS. During this time, we show the video of GSPS week to the public.

b. Explanation on entrance exam etc.

Nov.23(Fri) 18:10〜 AN324

Associate Dean of GSPS provides explain about our entrance exam for international students and have an individual consultation.

*Light meal is only for participants, not passenger.