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11 14.2017
?student_news_id=79【D】 Submission of Dissertation Proposal / Policy Science Workshop and Submission of Research Reportpdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=80【D3 or Senior】 Submission of Doctoral Dissertation / Extension of the Period of Enrollmentpdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=81Policy Science Workshop and Submission Deadline / Submission of Research Paper I / II / Submission of Master’s Thesispdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=82【M1(Fall Entry)】 Submission of Application Form for Prospective Supervisorpdf
10 01.2017
?student_news_id=78【All Students】 Submission of Reserch Plan and Reserch Advisary Planpdf
09 28.2017
?student_news_id=77【All Students】 List Of Errata (Academic Handbook 2017)pdf
09 11.2017
?student_news_id=76Course Registration for Fall Semester AY 2017pdf
07 22.2017
?student_news_id=74【M2 or Senior】 Policy Science Workshop and Submission of Abstract of Policy Science Workshop Presentationpdf
07 01.2017
?student_news_id=73【M】 Ritsumeikan University Commencement Ceremony, Spring Semester 2017
06 14.2017
?student_news_id=75【All Students】 Announcement of Completion/Grade for Spring Semester AY 2017pdf
06 02.2017
?student_news_id=72【M】 Submission of “Research Paper I / II”“Master’s Thesis”pdf
05 12.2017
?student_news_id=71【D】 Policy Science Workshop and Submission of Research Reportpdf
04 25.2017
?student_news_id=70【D2 or Senior】 Submission of “Dissertation Proposal” “Doctoral Dissertation” “Extension of the period of enrollment” pdf
04 15.2017
?student_news_id=69【M-D】 Submission of Research Plan and Research Advisory Planpdf
04 01.2017
?student_news_id=68【D】 Advanced Research Seminar and Research Seminar Attendancepdf