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The "Current Students" page in each graduate school's website has moved to manaba+R "Graduate School of Policy Science Students Page" from Wednesday, December 27.
In this page, links to the website introducing course registration, exams, grades and various programs are posted.


12 07.2017
【All Students】 New Features of manaba+R from December 27th.
12 07.2017
?student_news_id=84【All Students】 Announcement of Grade / Course Registrationpdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=79【D】 Submission of Dissertation Proposal / Policy Science Workshop and Submission of Research Reportpdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=80【D3 or Senior】 Submission of Doctoral Dissertation / Extension of the Period of Enrollmentpdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=81Policy Science Workshop and Submission Deadline / Submission of Research Paper I / II / Submission of Master’s Thesispdf
11 14.2017
?student_news_id=82【M1(Fall Entry)】 Submission of Application Form for Prospective Supervisorpdf
10 01.2017
?student_news_id=78【All Students】 Submission of Reserch Plan and Reserch Advisary Planpdf
09 28.2017
?student_news_id=77【All Students】 List Of Errata (Academic Handbook 2017)pdf
09 11.2017
?student_news_id=76Course Registration for Fall Semester AY 2017pdf
07 22.2017
?student_news_id=74【M2 or Senior】 Policy Science Workshop and Submission of Abstract of Policy Science Workshop Presentationpdf
07 01.2017
?student_news_id=73【M】 Ritsumeikan University Commencement Ceremony, Spring Semester 2017
06 14.2017
?student_news_id=75【All Students】 Announcement of Completion/Grade for Spring Semester AY 2017pdf
06 02.2017
?student_news_id=72【M】 Submission of “Research Paper I / II”“Master’s Thesis”pdf
05 12.2017
?student_news_id=71【D】 Policy Science Workshop and Submission of Research Reportpdf
04 25.2017
?student_news_id=70【D2 or Senior】 Submission of “Dissertation Proposal” “Doctoral Dissertation” “Extension of the period of enrollment” pdf