Ritsumeikan International Cooperation and Contribution

The Ritsumeikan Trust, after the middle of the 1980's, has rapidly promoted internationalization with the aim of becoming “Ritsumeikan that is open to the world”. As the first stage, Ritsumeikan established an international center in 1985 along with a college of International Relations in 1988, followed by the second stage of establishing the first true international university in Japan, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in 2000. Then, as the third stage, Ritsumeikan set out a new goal of implementing international cooperation programs since 2004.

The Ritsumeikan Trust formulated goals and the direction of the organization in “The Ritsumeikan Charter” in 2006. As Ritsumeikan pledges in the charter, to “promote peace, democracy, and sustainable development in Japan and throughout the world as an institute of education and research”, Ritsumeikan believes that to open day-to-day activities of education and research to international society leads to international cooperation and contribution.

Japan received tremendous support and aid from over 130 countries and regions for the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th 2011. This represents a relationship of mutual trust between Japan and those countries and regions, which was built by the actual interaction of concrete cooperation and contribution through ODA Japan supplied consistently after the war. In spite of matters of concern of recent years around the world such as riots and conflicts, I believe what is important is to create as many connections as possible in order to know and care about each other above and beyond nationalities and cultures.

Without losing the sight of the ever-changing movement of the world in the Asia Pacific region where Japan is located and also in the world, we will strive to realize international cooperation as global citizens who live in harmony with others through accumulation and utilization of knowledge.

Your support and cooperation toward international cooperation of Ritsumeikan is highly appreciated.

Mission and Vision

  1. To promote international cooperation in a sustainable yet progressive manner based on mission of international contribution
  2. To establish a sustainable scheme of international cooperation as a private university whose financial base depends on students' tuition
  3. To pursue internationalization of education and research as well as synergy effect for international cooperation in university through projects


Center of International Cooperation and Service was established with 4 staff in November 2004 in order to conduct human resource development programs for the inland China commissioned by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The center was reorganized as Office of International Cooperation and Service under Division of International Affairs in Ritsumeikan University in April 2006 with 15 staff including 2 working for the offices overseas, then it was again reorganized in 2014 as Office of Global Planning and Partnerships, Division of General Planning and Development, The Ritsumeikan Trust. We actively promote international cooperartive projects of the academy as a whole.

2004 Establishment of Center of International Cooperation and Service to conduct human resource development programs for the inland China. Started with Special Training Program for Administrator from Chinese Universities in Chongqing City and Gansu Province.
2005 Start-up of Project of Disaster Relief and Reconstruction of a Primary School for the Indian Ocean Tsunami (December 2004)
2006 Integration with Division of International Affairs and reorganized as Office of International Cooperation and Service. Start-up of Disaster Relief Project for the Java Earthquake.
2007 Implementation of Special Training Program for Administrator from Vietnamese Universities
2008 Start-up of Disaster Relief Project for the Myanmar Cyclone and the Sichuan Earthquake. Implementation of JICA Educational Assistance Program for Disabled Vietnamese Children.
2009 Implementation of Short Term Overseas Non-Degree Training of Trainer Public Policy Planning, Highlights of the Japanese Development Experience: Lessons for JJ/WBGSP Alumni, and Conservation and Risk Management of Historic Towns for Cultural Tourism.
2010 Inauguration of Ritsumeikan India Office (used as a shared office for the Global 30 Project initiated by MEXT). Transfer of Bilateral Projects from Office of International Planning and Development: Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST), Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH)
2011 Inauguration of Ritsumeikan UK Office. Implementation of Sri Lanka Tourism Resources Improvement Project (TRIP), COSMO-ADOC-RITSUMEIKAN Japanese Language Teaching Program, and Cool Japan Program in Ritsumeikan Uji High School.
2012 Implementation of E-JUST University Management and Administration
2013 Implementation of MJIIT University Management and Administration
2014 Integration with Division of General Planning and Development and reorganized as Office of Global Planning and Partnerships.